Why we should welcome immigrants & illegals

Posted: June 6, 2010 by elizabethgeorge06 in Uncategorized

There is a backlash going on right now against immigrants; particularly illegal immigrants. No matter what excuse is used by supporters, bad economic times make people selfish and resentful of what others have or are perceived to take from “us”. Who really knows what constitutes “us” anymore? We are a national mix of so many backgrounds and racial origins are impossible to trace for most of us in the US. Laws, such as the Arizona law are easy to draw up and seem to make people fill comfortable that something is being done about something that really can’t be fixed in the first place.

It is interesting that the US census recognizes the skin colors white, black, and yellow, as separate ethnic groups, yet excludes the color brown as a separate identity. Many believe the reason for this is because a true census count in the US would identify just how dominant the numbers of this group are becoming.

Whether they are counted or not, the color brown is here and growing. Passage of the Arizona law simply makes many feel like the writer of the Pantagraph Newspaper here.

The Arizona law may make “us” feel better; but it is counterproductive in the end.  The reason for that is because “we” have put all of “us” heavily into debt. As some have pointed out, it will take a lot of “us” in the future to pull “ourselves” out of debt. They state that the reason why the US population isn’t falling (like most of the rest of developed countries) is due to the influx of immigrants of all types into our country, causing our population to continue to grow, instead of shrink. They suggest that instead of stopping immigrants from entering the US, that “we” should be welcoming them, making them feel at home, and :), finding more ways to tax them.

This is just something to think about….

  1. joan of ark says:

    You make it sound as if the only illegal immigrnts and brown. I doubt that is true. There are other people crossing our borders beside the Mexicans. Of course we don’t hear much about that. In fact during the Olympics the northern border was not monitered very well. They didn’t want long lines. So who knows who is here that shouldn’t. My family jumped through all the hoops to get here and I think that is not a bad idea.


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