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Richard Wanke is appealing his 14 year sentence for the 2006 burglary conviction of the non-violent theft of a laptop computer. He was unfairly sentenced to an extended prison term in August 2008, while under the cloud of suspicion for participation in the February 6, 2008, shooting death of Rockford, IL attorney Gregory Clark.

The police leaped to the conclusion that he shot Mr. Clark, but they have never since charged him in his death.

Richard cannot afford legal representation and has proceeded pro se to appeal his burglary conviction. He has filed appeals to the IL Appellate Court, and requested a Writ of Certiorari to the US Supreme Court.

He was denied at each stage and is presently working on a pro se post-conviction petition. His deadline to submit his petition is in June 2012, and he is seeking the following assistance:

When Mr. Clark was murdered, the police immediately revoked Richard’s bond and seized all his legal correspondence with Mr. Clark, and all his legal papers related to the 2006 burglary case.

Richard requires copies of those documents to support his argumentd in his petition, but the police, the state, and Clark’s estate have not responded to his requests that these documents or copies be returned to him.

Richard is seeking someone to help him get his documents back; either through a replevin action or by other court or legal requests.

He also needs to get the 911 tape of the 2006, burglary and video which is in possession of the State.

Richard would also love to have someone assist him with his post-conviction petition, but he knows that times are difficult and that no one is likely to be able to do so pro bono. He is determined to push on pro-se if required.

We respectfully plead for someone to help Richard out, with advice on how to proceed, or with legal assistance. Richard’s case documents are posted at the top of this website under the tabs “Richard’s Case, and “Appeal Briefs”.

If you are able to help Richard in any way, please call (815) 980-6582, or email us at We will be happy to help you out in any way we can!

Legal Assistance Needed

Bloggers Needed

  1. joe medina says:

    i was in statesville recieving, and because of illinois current money issues, i was subjected to near starvation, an h1 n1 25 days quarenteen ,no showers, phone privaleges or clothing change was given. my release date then changed because of the cancellation of the early release. 65 days in a receiving super max facility for driving on a revoked.i have pictures, entry and release. pictures speak a thousand words.


    • S. McGuire says:

      I know what you mean. My pictures of my son,from the time he left the county jail to the time he left Statesville are really sad. His hair was matted and he had a full beard and chapped lips. I have the mittimus sheets to prove it. Pictures do speak a thousand words and I asked my son what had happened. He said the same thing that you said. Little food, no showers and all around mistreatment. Thanks for the insight.


  2. Eric Harms says:

    Hello. my incarcerated brother has been asking about good time in Illinois, and whether or not it has been or will soon be re-integrated. I can’t seem to find a clear answer on this. Any help with this question would be much appreciated. Thanks


  3. Amanda says:

    Hello, my husband has recently been punished for trying to get more AA meetings at Vandalia correctional center. He wrote a letter to the assistant warden offering suggestions of ways to add more AA involvement to the prison. He is a recovered addiict 2 1/2 years clean, and is now serving a sentance for a crime he commited before he turned his life around. He was only trying to help others in need of recovery, and because those that were interested in more AA meetings signed his letter, he got in trouble. He recieved 30 days in segregation, and is being moved to a higher security place. Apparently petitions are not allowed. Who ever heard of someone being punished for trying to help others????? It sickens me. Now he will most likely be moved even farther from my son and I. I have called and written everyone I can for help, and am not getting anywhere. Is there someone that can help me? At least my husband should be moved closer to us, after all, he only had the best of intentions!


  4. Debbie says:

    I know there is a lot of corruption and discrimination in the Rockford Police Department and the States Attorneys Office. Contact me if anyone would like more information.


    • David Goddard says:

      I need more info on the states attorneys office they violated my constitutional rights with the help of the public defenders office Frank Perri
      ASA Brenda Quade and ASA Justin Ulmuh I am in the process of filing a civil claim against the WCSO also Thank You..


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