Greg Clark Murder Trial Coverage

Stay tuned here for the posting of all mainstream media and social media coverage of the Greg Clark Murder trial we can find as the trial is conducted. Trial starts Monday, February 27, 2017.

2/27/17 – Trial started this morning & Judge Collins ruled that the media cannot “tweet” events from the courtroom as they occur. Instead, the media has to wait till after court to publish articles. Although the media is generally allowed to “tweet” from criminal trials in IL, and generally do at local trials, judges are allowed the discretion to not allow it at specific trials.

Only one media TV camera is permitted in this trial courtroom, so WIFR, 23 news will cover it and release stories at noon and in the evening each day.

2/27/17 – 23 WIFR 2/26/17 press announcement of the trial & it’s morning trial coverage on 2/27/17
2/27/17 – Morning trial article from Rockford Register-Star –
2/27/17 –WIFR 2/27/17 Summation of Day’s Trial Testimony