Why Wrongful Convictions?


Report Calls Out Flaws In Public Defender System

Morning Edition, April 15, 2009 ·


Lisa Smith (elja) wrote:

I’m sorry but I have both helped friends and been in jail myself for awhile and had a lot of time to watch public defender’s “represent” their clients. Too often they do not even meet a client until they are arraigned, and then rarely prepare for their cases. Too often they fail to present evidence, prep witnesses and do more than the bare basics on a case. Heck, I am paying for an attorney now and I would be better off representing myself. I have to do all the legwork and assemble all the evidence for him. I’ve had him and a PD. Neither gave me the advice from the start that had I known it would have preserved my evidence and gotten me out of where I am. Maybe there are hard-working, responsible PD’s, but they are few and far between compared to competent State’s Attorney’s.

Wed Apr 15 20:27:23 2009

  1. lawyeromaha says:

    That does not seem right if the lawyer only meets with the client right before the arraignment! How could they represent a good case? Terrible..


  2. jaime raddatz says:

    i believe my son was wrongfully accused of the crime he committed , and i would like to find out how to get him out jail , well hes actually at clayton work camp in mt.sterling il , so if theres any one who can help me out with that i would be ever so greatful .thank u


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