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    • parchangelo says:

      Yes Gene, that is one of the only IDOC bills pending now and introduced by Lou Lang who pulled the rug from out under the gambling bill in the lame-duck session. But this House Bill only makes technical changes to IDOC statutes and is a hang-over from the 96th session. There is no substantial changes related to MGT in the bill or new information. We are still waiting for a new bill this session with new provisions.


  1. Vivian Zalkus says:

    What about senate bill 1341…?
    Synopsis As Introduced
    Amends the Unified Code of Corrections. Provides that the Director of Corrections shall not award good conduct credit for meritorious service to an inmate unless the inmate has served a minimum of 60 days in the custody of the Department of Corrections. Effective immediately.


    • parchangelo says:

      Senate Bill 1341 is one of a number of bills introduced this past legislative session which increase regulation related to the awarding and eligibility of MGT, (at whatever time IDOC happens to award MGT to anyone) but which have no effect on the reinstating MGT. If MGT is reinstated by the Governor, then it would apply. If MGT is never reinstated, then 1341 would have no effect on anyone at any time. Just because legislation such as this bill is introduced and passed, that does not mean Quinn has to subsequently reinstate MGT.


    • Ahmed says:

      truly sickening isn’t it? funny, but not relaly, I’ve watched the guards as they “just do their job”…when they are newbies their countenance and attitude is usually one of polite kindness…then after time goes by they visably change into little robots, blank eyed, no emotion, frowns and an air of resentment. They become cranky and gruff with the visitors. I have a feeling that the “resentment” is not necessarily towards the inmates or their families but rather for their employers (Sergeants, Captains, etc). What I don’t get is why on earth would someone want to work in a place like that. Where is their self-respect?


  2. You know who says:

    Hey Richard, I promised I would stop by the website and say hello! Very informative website I must say. Hopefully your stay is coming to an end soon my friend! By the way, your old celly laughed when I told him about the adventures of blueberry Muffin man, and monkey bone. Ive been in contact with him, though he doesn’t frequent the YMCA… He says hello, and him and I are doing well out here.

    You know who


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