Bloggers Needed

Do you have insight into the Rockford and Winnebago County Police/Judicial system?
Are you interested in rooting out corruption?
Are you interested in reporting on Police Misconduct or Wrongful Convictions? Do you have your own story to tell?
Perhaps you have been following Richard Wanke’s case and history with the Rockford Police.

We need you!
If you like to write about these subjects, we can give you a forum here at RichardWanke.Com.

Please respond to:

  1. Vincent Franco says:

    Although you can never tell who is right and wrong in certain instances, I was able to spend some time with Richard during my time in custody for a minor offense. Through the duration of my time spent in Winnebago County I was given great advice as well as positive insight on bettering myself as a person. Being able to have seen the ins and outs of a County Jail that I thought was rather vicious to its inmates, was a very positive event that took place in my life. The way inmates are treated by CO’s and staff is a reason in itself to never want to go back. You get a feeling that those around you that are somewhat of an authority figure do not care for you. It’s safe to say that Richard was one person in this case, who had my best interest. A genuine person and truly kind to say the least is one of the many reasons I would love to one day see a not guilty verdict in his case. I believe the Winnebago County Justice System in its entirety are corrupt and in this case, would reveal such accusations. Things need to change, and this cases outcome could quite possibly do so. Please keep me up to date, it would be truly appreciated!


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