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Are you in unjustly charged with a criminal offense in Winnebago County, Illinois? Have you been arrested by local police or been in the Winnebago County Jail and want to share your experience (anonymously, of course) with others? Have you had a negative experience with the Winnebago County Judicial system; attorneys or other officers, with the prosecution of your case or difficulties trying to defend yourself? We welcome your imput. We seek to create a local forum here to discuss the state of our local judicial system. Please feel free to submit your story; just take care to keep it anonymous (use fake names instead of real ones, etc.,) and not say anything that could get you into legal trouble!

  1. Yesenia Sanchez says:

    You’ve been asking for a petition to the Governor to protest his revocation of the Meritorious Good Time and Supplemental Meritorious Good Time so we’ve posted an on-line petition to sign. Sponsored by IPT, the petition is addressed to Governor Quinn. Please sign the petition. You may choose to use your name or the ‘ANONYMOUS’ feature and leave a comment. An email address is required to sign but it is not published.

    Please circulate this petition address to your family and friends.



  2. quanita says:

    all the talk about mgt i got a qustion for gov quinn it is sad to say u all are going broke but wut about us noone is thinking of us i would love mgt to com back and with that being said back to my issue i posted bond for a friend comming up from a lot of people 5,000 dollars because his father was dieing the bond was posted on 4-18-11 first time offender he goes to court on 5-6-11 and the judge left him to be the last person in the court room saying to him if anybody cared about him they would of been at court with him so she locked him back up do u kno wut kind of state of mind that can put that person in with that being said my return check was 950.00 dollars out of 5,000 dollars now the thing is how can u take somebody else money and pay off old fines for a person and that was not their money if he had the money himself he would of bonded himself out why do they take from the poor to feed the rich even more


  3. Lisa says:

    Rights are not honored in system . What happened to Bill of Rights, Amendment Rights and any rights . 4,5,6,7&8 Amendment Rights not honored in local State Court System and is overlooked as if they don’t exist. My husband was refused preliminary hearing, fast&speedy trial, and after 90 days if you don’t get fast&speedy trial you are released and case dismissed. What is right for one person should be right for all. Not only was rights not honored but he was stabbed in eye in 2011 by inmate at jrueben long in Conway , SC and eye bleed 2 weeks without care then SCDC put off surgery until he went blind. My husband has now had 2 eye surgeries . If you look up online theatlantic when good people do nothing you will read the appalling story of how inmates are treated the videos are heart touching and sad . A fair SC judge in Columbia SC in 45 page ruling ruled SCDC to do something about the overcrowded prison system and to come up with a plan to give better care to inmates. The complete story can be read online theatlantic. My husband was also put in mold infested condemned room at Ridgeland and other uncalled for things has happened. Guards getting drugs to inmates to guards officers in the system pushing my husband hard in the chest trying to get him to fight so he get written up. Then he was put in level 3 because head nurse Mrs. Holcome was tired of him complaining about his eye and he was low level . A murderer attacked him there with knife, I called to have him put in protective custody and asked the captain at Liebra how do they get knifes in there and he honestly told me that they have no control of what anyone gets in there. My husband is now at nice Release center and everyone there is nice but one lady guard who when she does search on him hits him hard and inappropiately handles his private parts leaning him in pain for 3 days and swollen . She also got mad and wrongly handcuffed him so hard that he now has lump on his risk. After repeatedly being mishandled I called the facility and nice person in charge said they had a talk with her and this hopefully will not happen again. Everyone at this place very nice but one bad abusive lady. How would she like it if it was her or her loved one getting handled this way . I’m just praying that these bills get enforced and rights honored. Legislature comes up with bills to help citizens but bills sit on governors desk and never get signed, then bill dies and have to start all over with new bill this is been going on for years. People need to stand up for what’s right and fair and hopefully we will get fair system that honors rights. I signed on change.org to get the 85 to 65 praying this is enforced it was supposed to already be in effect and should this would along with other bills would help with overcrowding of prison system . Right now and ever since husband been away has worked with no pay how could that be fair. That seems like slavery. The system needs to be fair system and honor all rights. Life , liberty and pursuit of happiness. No one wants to feel like their rights not honored.


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