Brady vs. Quinn and IL politics, plus Blago.

Posted: June 6, 2010 by smallmouth63 in Uncategorized

Who to trust? Neither one. Brady votes for legislation in 2003, that could have personally benefited him (SaukValley Newspaper story here).  Quinn, on the other hand, is taking credit “living in the Executive Mansion”, (unlike recent governors) when he seems to be spending very little time there (article from The Telegraph News here).

Speaking of past governors, Blagovich’s trial is getting underway with jury selection. Rod has been out and about trying to proclaim his innocence on any media he can, including as a participant on Donald Trump’s recent “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Some Rod commentors followed his performance on Celebrity, but nowhere did we see the following questions asked about what Rod’s behavior revealed about himself on the show:

Rod showed some personal likability and charm on the show, but what does it show about his personal integrity and intelligence when instead of being upfront about it and acknowledging fault, he waffled in the boardroom before Donald Trump when Trump points out reports that his stopping to talk to too many other people caused the food that he served to Joan Rivers to be cold; possibly costing his team a win. Rod didn’t think it happened like that, and then said he could “not recall”, but it was certainly foolish to attempt to deny what occurred knowing that the show cameras capture every moment. The boardroom could have served as moot court for Blago as we will certainly hear the “not recall” many times in the trial weeks ahead.

Last, we have to ask how anyone who got through high school, much less law school in the 70’s and 80’s could have avoided learning how to type and ultimately use a computer in his profession (okay, texting we can overlook). No wonder prosecutors claim to have amassed 500 hours of his taped phone conversations during two months worth of time!

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