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Dear Director Stolworthy,

For nearly a year I have attempted to recover my trust funds, my personal and legal property from Statesville Prison. I paroled on May 7, 2014, but before that, I was writed to Winnebago County on a new charge; on April 25, 2014.

Therefore all of my money and property are still being held there, and IDOC has been deliberately indifferent to my numerous letters, requests and grievances for their return. Enclosed are letter to IDOC Director Godinez, the warden of Statesville and others who have hailed to investigate or respond to my claims. Their indifference and unnecessary infliction of legal injury, plus, their reckless disregard for my property and constitutional rights have caused great damage. The intentional delay of access to my own funds and legal properties have caused me to miss court deadlines, have court matters dismissed and cost me increased fees to repeatedly file and refile court documents, request documents and seek copies.

I am calling you to safeguard my legal and personal property in your duties as the newly appointed Director of Illinois’ Department of Corrections.

I appeal to your authority as Governor Rauner’s appointed director of IDOC to expedite the return, without further delay; of my monies held in trust; my personal property; and all legal property, including books, journals, letters, memos, grievances, requests, notes, research, court filings, briefs and other legal materials being held in the property department of Statesville Prison.

Additionally, I have numerous pending grievances which have not been processed or returned to me, and upon my transfer not forwarded; the same with my mail.

Please, have your office do their best to locate these past filings, answer them, return them to my property, my money and my legal matters in a timely fashion. My attorneys, powers-of-attorneys and other representatives have gotten nowhere with their phone calls and written requests, (see enclosed letter) and I have received no answers from my own letters.

I again authorize Statesville/IDOC to transfer my trust fund balance, my property both legal and personal to Diane Chavez immediately and without further delay upon presentation of a copy of this and other letters.


Richard Wanke #20605

Winnebago County Jail

650 W. State St.

Rockford, IL 61102

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