Gov. Rauner to name new IDOC director

Posted: March 24, 2015 by cworboy1493 in Uncategorized

Gov. Rauner to name new IDOC director.

Gov. Bruce Rauner is expected on Monday to name a U.S. State Department official to run the Illinois Department of Corrections, the governor’s office told The Southern Illinoisan on Sunday.

Rauner has selected Donald Stolworthy, 54, of Arlington, Virginia, to oversee thousands of correctional officers and other employees in the $1 billion-plus agency that includes 60 prisons, transition centers, work camps and other facilities across Illinois.

State prisons are one of the largest employers in Southern Illinois, and workers, union leaders and others have anxiously awaited Rauner’s appointment of a new IDOC director.

  1. This GOP director will be all about privatizing prisons. Keeping our citizensin jail should not be a money maker for millionaires.


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