89 WLS – Police Torture Settlement Costs Chicago Taxpayers over $10 Million

Posted: July 20, 2013 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized

(CHICAGO) The Jon Burge regime continues to cost Chicago taxpayers money — and a lot of it. This time it’s $10 million to settle on another police torture lawsuit.

Mayor Emanuel’s corporation counsel Steve Patton told the aldermen in the city council finance committee the $10 million figure is a reasonable settlement for what happened.

“The plaintiff Eric Caine alleges that Jon Burge and five former Area 2 detectives tortured him into falsely confessing to a robbery that resulted in two murders. Plaintiff was convicted and served almost 26 years in prison for a crime he claims he did not commit,” Patton said.

The aldermen approved the $10 million for Caine plus another $830,000 to settle two other cases of alleged police misconduct not connected to Burge.

“While some people may assume it’s a generous amount, if you spent 25 years in those cells, it’s pennies for what happened to an individual,” said 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti.

Burge remains in prison, sentenced to serve 4 1/2 years in federal prison back in 2011.

via 89 WLS – Police Torture Settlement Costs Chicago Taxpayers over $10 Million.

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