WQAD appeals to Illinois Attorney General over Terronez investigation documents – WQAD

Posted: February 22, 2011 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized

Chris Minor – Reporter

WQAD-TV is appealing a decision by the Illinois State Police not to release information in the investigation into States Attorney Jeff Terronez.A Freedom of Information request filed December 7th was denied by the State Police after 6 weeks of waiting for a response for documents pertaining to the investigation involving Terronez.Police cited the case is still being actively investigated as the reason for the denial.

WQAD-TV appealed to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigans office last month, and indicated some of the documents would be forthcoming.In response to our request for release of records related to the Terronez investigation that there were about 4,000 documents that they would be reviewing, said WQAD-TV legal counsel Jack Greiner of Ohio.That is, they would review a batch to determine if there were any exemptions, then send that batch out, that WQAD would not need to wait until the Attorney General finished the review of all 4,000 documents.

Cara Smith with the Attorney Generals office initially indicated the first batch of documents would be reviewed and sent to WQAD the week of January 19th.But after a slew of emails back and forth, Smith is now at the Illinois Department of Corrections and the process stalled.I think it is very odd that on January 19th I was told to expect records to begin being produced by the end of that week and two days later a letter is sent denying the request completely Greiner said.I dont feel that the Attorney Generals office has been completely forthcoming with WQAD in this situation, Greiner said.

via WQAD appeals to Illinois Attorney General over Terronez investigation documents – WQAD.

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