Long Beach march demands justice for Doug Zerby

Posted: February 22, 2011 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized

By Orlando Pardo

The killing of Douglas Zerby brought people from Long Beach into the streets on Feb. 12 to demand justice and denounce the Long Beach Police Department. Hundreds gathered at Bixby Park in Long Beach in anticipation of the rally and march. These included dozens of victims of police brutality who spoke out at the event.

Men, women and children alike carried signs that read “Stop LBPD Killer Cops” and “Jail All Killer Cops”. One person even carried a homemade sign that read, “I fear the Police. In Long Beach, I’ll take my chances with gang members.”

There was a mutual recognition throughout the diverse crowd that it is long over due to expose the LBPD for what they truly are: the biggest and most violent organized gang in Long Beach.

Two months ago, LBPD responded to what they thought was a man with a gun. Without even announcing themselves, despite observing Doug for fifteen minutes, the LBPD officers shot Zerby 10 times in cold blood. Had there been an attempt made to make sure he had a gun, the situation would have not have resulted in the death of an innocent man who left behind a family and a community in shock.

via Long Beach march demands justice for Doug Zerby.

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