New book exposes flaws in justice system – | News, sports, jobs, Tiffin, Ohio – The Advertiser-Tribune

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By MaryAnn Kromer,

In 1966, Nancy Bero graduated from Columbian High School. From there the daughter of Don and Dorothy Bero went on to attend Denison University in Granville where she met and later married James Petro, who became an attorney and an elected public office holder. He then served as Ohio’s Attorney General from 2003 to 2007.

The couple recently has co-authored a nonfiction book, “False Justice: Eight Myths That Convict the Innocent.”

Nancy said she and her husband are “late bloomers in the book-writing business.”

Although being new to the industry made it challenging to find a publisher, the subject matter and Petro’s qualifications overshadowed his status as a novice writer.

Kaplan Publishing accepted the book for publication and Nancy said she was able to draw on more than 35 years of experience in marketing, publishing, and business management to assist her husband.

“The book seeks to debunk common myths about the criminal justice system that both fuel wrongful conviction and diminish the public’s demand for reforms and improvements in the system,” Nancy stated.

via New book exposes flaws in justice system – | News, sports, jobs, Tiffin, Ohio – The Advertiser-Tribune.

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