No Changes Expected Soon for Good Time Reinstatement

Posted: September 3, 2010 by lactoselazy in IDOC

May 31, 2012, State Legislature passes new law paving way for Early Release programs! Read latest at

IDOC inmates are hearing that the awarding of Good Time will be reinstated in January 2011. This is the same old crap line that IDOC facility staff have fed to inmates each month since Jan 2010; the promise that some time shortly, during the next month, all the problems with the MGT programs will be resolved and that Good Time will suddenly be reinstated. Every IDOC inmate should recognize by now that this is an empty promise, and that IDOC facility staff all have no idea when MGT will be reinstated. All they are trying to do is keep order in the meantime by promising action to inmates which they know will not occur.

It is now January 2011, and the State Legislature just passed a IL state tax hike as well as approval to borrow money to pay it’s long overdue bills. In doing so, the State Legislature has begun to deal with the State’s fiscal crisis. A new legislature is now in session and there will be more political wrangling about working out the rest of the details on financial matters. IDOC issues and any reinstatement of MGT will be part of those financial matters because they have cost the state plenty, but they will not be a priority to the legislators. We still anticipate that no IDOC action is likely to occur for several months.

The Erickson Report fleshed out a lot of MGT program details which still need time to be worked out. Primary among these are changes to the current law which need legislative action in order to occur. These changes probably will not be finalized until some time in Spring 2011.

What inmates can rely upon, is knowledge that the extent of changes needed to the MGT program are large enough that when they actually do start to happen and be implemented inmates will first see formal directives issue from the top of IDOC down. It won’t be kept secret and part of the everyday rumor-mill. Until that happens everyone should know better than to listen to every rumor out there.

Read our latest article on MGT here: Why Hoping MGT will Return in January “Won’t Make It So”

  1. Linda J says:

    I agree with this post, I have a loved one in Dixon who was suppose to be home in April, but the 90 days that he was awarded in December was taken away by the record office who said that he was not entitled to them under the Statute that he was under until he served 180 days. I have read the Statute and the Attorney has read the Statute and the Warden has been informed of the mistake, but no one listens. Unfortunately they can control you when you are there and he still is and will be out on Nov. 3rd. He has not been in any trouble there, he is an older man and has a lot of health problems. All we can all do is try to visit our loved ones, let them know that we love them and write to them as often as possible. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and in my situation I can see a flicker getting brighter everyday. Thank you for all the input that you give to the families that have loved ones locked up. You really keep us informed.


  2. Jenn says:

    My fiance is in Centralia. He as SUPPOST to be home next month on the 13th. But with Quinn taking away MGT, it’s not going to happen now. I know he has made his fair share of mistakes but we all do. He has noq taken the time and learned his lesson and got the help he needed and now because Quinn messed up they are having to pay for it. Which I feel is very unfair!!!!!! If he is tryin to save money in IL why take it away? Wouldn’t it save money in the long run? I know it costs at least $20,000 a year for where my loved one is. If Brady gets voted in, it’s gone completely. I just feel like it’s very unfair either way we go. WE have gave up the idea of the MGT comming back and He will be home in May which is rediculous. But this is the stupid state for you!!!! Can we just get 2 new people to run for office??? This is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Heather says:

    My fiance is getting ready to get shipped out and everyone keeps telling him that they are going to reinstate it in December. I really do wish that people would quit saying that they know. I feel that they should give it back. Just because some inmates messed up doesn’t mean that all of them have to suffer for it.


  4. shasara says:



  5. waiting says:

    I have been staying posted with the idoc mgt bill that was passed in the senate on april 13 2011. And is now is the house under review. Can any one tell me how many mgt bill that have passed the house and the senate so far?????


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