Quinn is Making Another IDOC Mistake

Posted: September 2, 2010 by parchangelo in IDOC

Quinn is “accepting” the resignation of Mike Randle as Director of IDOC.  See Chicago Tribune article here. This implies that Randle is leaving voluntarily; but in effect he is not. Quinn is making a mistake because for political considerations, he is saying bye to someone who he can work with in the middle of a campaign to improve IDOC. Quinn is bowing to political pressure from the continued attacks of his Republican rival Bill Brady and the Republicans over the issue of crime and faults of the MGT Push Program. Quinn is showing himself to be just another political animal rather than an effective reformer who can withstand the pressure and keep his eye on the goals he has set to reform state agencies.

We are sorry to see Randle go. He was open to positive change at IDOC. Quinn has just shot himself in the foot again and given Brady a political boost by showing that Brady’s barbs have once again drawn blood.

  1. Linda J says:

    I feel that Quinn is making a big mistake by letting Randal leave, and he is only doing it to help his campaign for Governor, but little does he know that he is not going to win anyway no matter what he does because he sways back and forth on everything and does not have the backbone to stand up for what is right for the people of Illinois. He has made cuts on things that only hurt the people of Illinois not help them, and the cuts that have been made in the schools is drastic. Doesn’t he realize without an education people cannot get jobs. I am a retired Paralegal and had a good career with a good education, but the cost of education goes up every year but the wages go down. The younger generation is entitled to an education so they can have a decent life and support their families when the time comes, but does QUINN CARE???? NO!!!!!, he only thinks about himself. I hope that everyone that reads this gets out and votes so that things will change for the better.


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