Now, All IDOC Early Release Programs Stopped

Posted: January 6, 2010 by parchangelo in IDOC

Read most current information regarding status of  IDOC  Early Release & Good Time Credits here

Looks like Quinn is bowing to political pressure despite his good intentions. Too bad! His critics should be ashamed of turning his attempts to do something to save the state money and improve the way IDOC operates into a political issue solely for election politics, when Illinois politicians have otherwise failed to tackle the state budget crisis for the past decade.

Early prison release program: Gov. Pat Quinn suspends 2nd Illinois program

Separate, more controversial release program was halted last week

By Monique Garcia Tribune reporterJanuary 6, 2010

Gov. Pat Quinn on Tuesday suspended a second early prison release program, this one for nearly 1,000 nonviolent offenders, amid growing questions about the administration’s attempt to ease the state’s cash crunch by cutting costs in the Department of Corrections.

About 170 prisoners had been released so far under the program Quinn announced in September, according to the prison agency.

Asked why the program was suspended, representatives for the prison department and Quinn’s office would only say it was pending a review of all early release programs to be done when the governor appoints someone to the new position of chief public safety officer in the corrections agency.

Quinn announced the position last week when he suspended a different, more controversial early release program that put hundreds of inmates back on the street after accelerating their good-time credit. That program included prisoners convicted of violent crimes.

Quinn blamed his new prison chief, Michael Randle, for bad judgment in starting that program. Quinn said he was not aware of the cost-cutting decision. His Democratic governor rival, Dan Hynes, and GOP candidates have criticized the program, attacking Quinn for saying he didn’t know about it.

In September, Quinn announced the program for nonviolent offenders in the last year of their sentence, saying it was part of an effort to chip away at a huge state budget deficit.

Late Tuesday, the corrections department issued a brief statement saying the nonviolent release program had also been suspended.

“It’s being suspended pending the review of the new chief public safety officer at the Illinois Department of Corrections, who will be named soon,” said Quinn spokesman Bob Reed.

  1. kamisha says:

    So whats going on now, that its been 4mths since the Early Release Program has been suspended? What has been dicussed and will it be put back into actions?


  2. Larry says:

    How can the state take away “good time” that was part of a plea bargain? If a defendant doesn’t do what the procsecuter wants the deal is off. How can the state take away good? The system is not fair! They make threats of long sentences to get what they want, put the deal in the paperwork and then later take it away… that is BS!!!!


    • parchangelo says:

      Prosecutors & your attorney will promise whatever they want to get you to agree to a plea bargain. They all know that good time has been suspended. They all know that they cannot guarantee that it will return and that you will get it, and you can bet that despite what they tell you, they will not put your good time down in writing to you. The only thing that counts is what ends up recorded by the court on your mittimus; & they will never put a guarantee of good time there!


  3. Linda says:

    I agree that the State will tell you anything to get you to take a plea bargain and then when you are on your way to Prison everything changes.There is no guarantee of anything for anyone. I was told that they were going to be releasing 1000 prisoners on house arrest by June 5th, that has come and gone and I know that my friend is still there and has served more than 1/2 of his sentence and was suppose to be home in April, but again just told him what he wanted to hear. He has a none violent crime. I heard on TV today that they are going to have to increase the size of the school classes to 35 per class and lay off 2700 teachers. They could send some prisoners home and cut their budget in that way. But no Gov. Quinn wants the vote so he is afraid to do anything. How do you fee about this.


  4. Lish says:

    My fiance and my brother were just sentenced to two years doc each. They are both amazing guys that have made bad decisions that they are now paying for. I dont think it is fair however that they or neone else has to pay for others bad decisons. Its not their fault people made rash decisions to try to save a buck, prolly more like make a buck, but thats another topic for another day. I think that mgt should never have been taken away. However it has, i do think that it should not be suspended in reguards to all prisoners. I think it should be handed down based on the circumstances of the offense. I dont think it is fair that they play with peoples lives because they need to cover their bases now. The criminal justice system in this state is a joke. I think everyone that is as upset about this situation as i am should go on election day and boycott mr quinn. He and his laws are a joke and should not be allowed to continue. We give these people their power. When they do things like this that negatively affect so many people we need to stand up and take it away. Dont forget to sign the petitions to get the mgt reinstated. If we do nothing then they will continue to call the shots and in this situation have complete power over the lives of our loved ones who are incarcerated.


  5. Pixie says:

    I think it is not fair they should bring back good time i have loved ones my self that i would like to bring home to.


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