IDOC announces changes to Meritorious Good Time program

Posted: January 1, 2010 by lactoselazy in IDOC

Read most current information regarding status of  May 2012 IDOC  Sentence Credits here

It is now January 2011, and the State Legislature just passed a IL state tax hike as well as approval to borrow money to pay it’s long overdue bills. In doing so, the State Legislature has begun to deal with the State’s fiscal crisis. A new legislature is now in session and there will be more political wrangling about working out the rest of the details on financial matters. IDOC issues and any reinstatement of MGT will be part of those financial matters because they have cost the state plenty, but they will not be a priority to the legislators. We still anticipate that no action is likely to occur for several months.

Check out the “Good Conduct Highlights”. Clicking on this IDOC link below shows you a two-page PDF, showing a very clear chronological history of changes to the provisions of IDOC’s Meritorious Good Conduct policy. Good info resource.

Governor Quinn Overhauls Prison Release Program

Ends IDOC’s “MGT Push,” Will Bolster Law and Agency Operations

CHICAGO – December 30, 2009. Governor Pat Quinn today announced an extensive overhaul of the Illinois Department of Corrections’ Meritorious Good Time program, a statutory release program in existence since 1978 that is undergoing a comprehensive evaluation headed by criminal justice expert Judge David A. Erickson.

RAW AUDIO: Governor discusses changes to IDOC Meritorious Good Time Program

The Governor’s overhaul ensures that public safety always comes first and that the meritorious credit program assists in the punishment and rehabilitation of offenders, while saving the State money during an unprecedented economic crisis. The changes are based on initial recommendations from Judge Erickson, who continues his review of the meritorious credit program.

“My mandate to the Department of Corrections is and always has been: Public safety is the top priority,” said Governor Quinn. “An overhaul of the Department of Corrections’ statutory program guarantees my commitment to safety while also making adjustments needed to improve the program’s operations.”

Governor Quinn’s overhaul includes four major areas:

Meritorious Credit Standards. Governor Quinn previously suspended and is now terminating the Department of Corrections’ recently-accelerated meritorious credit program referred to as “MGT Push,” which did not require inmates to spend at least 61 days in Department of Corrections custody before being credited with any meritorious credit. While the 61-day custody requirement had been a long-standing practice within the Department of Corrections, it is not a formal law or agency rule and was reduced by the Department of Corrections in September 2009. In order to ensure that an offender serves at least that amount of time in State custody before being credited with any meritorious credit, the 61-day requirement has been reinstated as a formal agency rule.

Enhancing Communication with Local Authorities. Governor Quinn is ordering the Department of Corrections to provide local prosecutors with at least 14-days advance notice before releasing an inmate into mandatory supervision under the meritorious credit program or into home custody under the separate Electronic Detention Program. This advance notice requirement will provide local authorities with sufficient opportunity to appropriately respond to and disseminate notices.

Improve the Law. Governor Quinn will work with members of the General Assembly to develop initiatives that will prohibit dangerous criminals from being eligible for a meritorious credit program. Presently, Illinois law dictates that those convicted of certain crimes against persons and DUIs must be included in a meritorious credit program, along with those convicted of lesser offenses.

Bolster IDOC Operations. Governor Quinn will further improve the reporting and communications between his office and the Department of Corrections. The Governor will soon name a Chief Public Safety Officer at IDOC, who will be responsible for overseeing implementation of the meritorious credit and Electronic Detention programs. In addition, Governor Quinn will name a Public Safety Liaison Officer for the Office of the Governor, who will also assist in the oversight, coordination and implementation of those programs. This position will work within the Office of Governor’s General Counsel.

  1. hazel church says:

    Well that didn’t last long. Do they think maybe they made a mistake? How much of my tax dollars goes to stopping and starting and changing and recovering from policies that haven’t been thought through. Let’s move forward Illinois!

    • need him home says:

      you all want MGT sing the petition The Governor of IL: Bring back meritorious good time for Illinois inmates go to you can search it and sing

  2. Debra Boyer says:

    I heard there was going to be a 3 month add on to the 6 month good conduct time for inmates, where may I go to read about the good time the imates recieve? Thank you

    • I think this is a excellent ideal there are inmates that are trying to do something productive with their lives. They are not able to do so inside. Sure there were some inmates that got out early and resorted back to crime but others should’nt have to be punished for their crimes. Inmates need the good time back this is a good tool for them. So PLEASE reinstate the good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • christy says:

        does anyone know whats going on????????? our attorney promised good time thats the only reason my fiance pleaded guilty now we are stuck in hell!

    • Kim Mac says:


  3. Amber Whitby says:

    I need to know information on mertorious good time… im pregnant and need him out…i can’t afford to take care of myself and my unborn baby….let him out already…just give the first offenders good time!!!! please

    • christy says:

      i am in the exact same situation as you! he was supposed to be out in june our son is due in july… now becuase of this stupid governer we are looking at december its his first time there. i dont know what to do.

      • Kimm says:

        We all need to make sure we start voting in these elections..My son has a mental illness and these dang doctors put him on meds that cause people to black out..I know know to research these drugs but that’s not helping our situation now and as for him getting the help he needs in prison and be reformed…Not gonna happen the way they have to go about getting it done and how long it takes.I personally think these attorneys and judges need to sit threw hours of a mental impact panel..That’s a panel of people talking about the daily struggle they observe in the life of a loved one with a mental condition and a week in jail and a week in doc before they themselves hand down sentences this harsh and easy…I see why the man upstairs is getting disgusted with the lack of compassion and if this is what people call help well i would rather see my son up with the father then in this hell hole they say helps..READ THAT QUINN! I’m coming to the poles and voting

    • ashley says:

      im in kinda of the same situation this is his first time in there as well i think they should let the first offerders go on good time hell even if they have to do 6 to 12 months on house arrest it is better than them being there but i need my husband home

      • Kelsey says:

        My fiance’ is also a first time offender and the kids need him to be home just as much as I do. He keeps asking me to find out about this “good time” release for good conduct?? Where do I read about good behavior releasing for first time offenders? I NEED HIM HOME!!

  4. kenyatta stamps says:

    im wondering who is the new chief public safety officer thats going to be ahead of the IDOC. also i want to know how long will it take for the good time to kick back in please? i have a boyfriend thats in pinckneyville correctional center i need him home sir/madam. he’s in there for a crazy case so please help me out.

  5. stefany84 says:

    I understand the need for this law,but what is getting me is the fact that non violent offenders are suffering for this. My fiance is currently in East Moline Correctional Facility for a minor offense and is held from his son and I with no further notice when he will be realeased. I’m sick of the universal rule one ruins for all. They need to implement a better system and those that are not violent need to come home. Not to mention the serious over crowding this is causing in these facilities which will only lead to more violence inside. But i guess if you are a convict safety no longer matters to them who protects there safety. Please end this foolish law and let’s move forward. Keep the harden criminals let the petty ones go.

    • ashley says:

      my fiance is also in East moline correctional facility for a minor offense and is held away from his son..his son asks everyday wen is my daddy coming home…

    • queta says:

      A Crime Is A Crime Weather Its Petty Or Not I Feel That Pat Quinn Fucked Up And Had To Hurry Up And Do Something About It So He Pick This Route.My Husband Has Been In East Moline For The Past 6 Years He Got Two More To Go And I Feel That Pat Quinn Shouldn’t Take His Fuck Ups On Everyone Else Then Treat All Inmates Like Animal What If This Was His Kids Would His Thoughts Be Different This Is Fuck Up. This Could Take Years To resolve Lets Just Face It. Give Those Who Was Promise Good Time There Good Time. This Is Going To Be A Big Law Suit In The Future. Thats All I Have To Say. Illinois Fucked Up And Everyone Representing it.

      • Kimm says:

        Yes it’s messed up..Thanks Quinn! I love how they say give mentally ill prisoners help in prison? He is so ignorant. It will just make them worse in there being locked up no meds and I actually pray that these people judging and handing down hard sentences on first offenses are in all of our shoes some day…It’s Karma Baby and it may not be a mentally ill loved may not be jail but i hope it is they have to face our messed up system and plead guilty by means of a plea or suffer the fate of doing more time..You know blackmail

    • Kimm says:

      there are people locked up for 4 years and more for driving without a license.

  6. big mike says:

    well at least ill still get my six months.

  7. big mike says:

    wait after further investigations they r taking away the six months. they r passin bill hb5019. which is going to take away all good time. gonna have to rethink my plea.

  8. jaymie shanks says:

    i also believe that the1st offenders should recive their good time!! i mean come on4as long as i can remember they have gotten it so y now change it?? my husband is a1st offender and i honstly believe this is the 1and only time he will b n prison so y not give the1st offenders their goodtime??? give them a chance like all the other peolpe please!!!!

    • Kimm says:

      Didn’t they ever hear of scared straight…They think some can’t be changed after a few months..They are handing down sentences to 18 year old of 20 years for drugs because they won’t nark on people. What happened to our right to remain silent MR QUINN? I think we the people need to stop sitting at home letting these rich fuckers run the state. Who else is gonna stand up for these people? I’m disgusted with lack of empathy for a first time offense and i’m sick of all the government and states attorney’s kissing rich peoples butts. When your poor you have to plead quilt cause the states don’t have time to fight your case and guarantee more time if you evoke that right to face your accusers in a court of law..Hell half the public defenders where i live came from the states attorney’s office and when they represent you it’s like they still do

  9. MRS.KATRICE says:


    • Kimm says:

      even serious crime offender plead guilty for the same reason..They never even look for anyone to help my son..They said they sent people out to investigate but i found out they never did when i ran into the people…What can you do now without money?

  10. Melissa says:

    My husband is in stateville for a DUI. He is 27 and has tried to get his lisence since he was 27 and they wont give him one. No one was hurt and he is the bread winner for our family I am stuggleing without him. Seriously what am I suppose to do without his 724 a week! He took a plea and the States Attorney looked at me and said he will be home in 61 days. I dont understand any of this to begin with and now all these changes are being made to complicate what I already do not get. I need answers who can I contact. Please do not say Stateville I have 3 times and got three answers. I need someone who knows whats going on!

    • Misty says:

      Melissa, the same thing happend to me and i dont know what to do the same as you my man was the money maker making around 300 a day we have 5 kids and now im struggling to get by till he comes home when ever that is if you find something out i would love to hear it i am calling everyone i can think of and getting nowhere. im not stoping till he comes home i know how you feel please keep me informed.

      • Kimm says:

        tell Quinn to quit playing god…Violent offense or not some people deserve a second change…Our sins have already been paid on a cross

      • rachel says:

        I guess some of you women just need to get jobs. You dont need a man to support you. I know I dont and mine is locked up!

  11. THERESA says:



    • christy says:

      my fiance is in the same place!!! but not getting his good time either.. our attorney Promised it!! now we are not getting it

      • EarlsWifey1 says:


      • ashley says:

        my fiance is in east moline as well and he took the plea for 4 years with the promise of the good time would bring him home in 9 months to 12 months…and he isnt getting his good time either.. this is his first time in state prison and says he deffinitly not going back they should give the good time to people with less serious crimes..i heard that anyone who was in 6 months to a year of their out date was going to be let out and placed on house arrest for a while..hell that would be nice or to let them be gone at their place of employment for a certain period of time..

  12. Noni54 says:

    My son is in vienna i would like to know if good time is coming back please let me know of any changes. I will be waiting or hearin from someone soon.

  13. christy says:

    everybody sign the petition to reinstate good time! its on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Linda says:

    I do not understand why everyone has to be punished because others made a foolish mistake. My friend was given his first 90 before January 14 which was the cut off of the good time as I was told by Mr. Helmes of the John Howard Association. Now he is told that he will be home on November 3, 2010 possibly or he may come home on November 3, 2011 if they decide to make everyone do their full sentence. I do not feel that it is fair to the families, everyone did not commit a bad crime, perhaps they broke the law but people do that everyday and they are still on the streets.

  15. samantha says:

    For first defenders do they get three months good time?

  16. Linda says:

    I just talked to the Records Office at Dixon Correctional Center. I was advised that my friend was sentenced under a Statute that said that he had to serve 180 days, he has served his 180 days, and was told by his Counselor (“whom I was told made a mistake”) that his first 90 had been granted but the 2nd one was denied. I was told today by the records office that he would be eligible for immediate release as soon as they reinstate the good time, but that is indefinite. Don’t they realize that they could cut their budget by Thousands of dollars if they paroled the people that are eligible right now? The families of these prisoners are the ones that are suffering because their children need them home and also they need the support that they give.

    • Kimm says:

      You know all this telling someone their getting out and taking it away can be good on someone emotional well being at all..Quinn changing it up in the middle and all these people thinking they are getting out sooner are bound to have some kind of devastating effects..It messes with a persons mind

  17. angie says:

    so when are we looking to have the good time back and is it going to be the 9 months nor not? i am a single mom of four children sick with chrones disease and myhussband has missed his only sons first everything, i need him home does anyone know when they are going to bring it back and how much are they going to get?

  18. Karianne says:

    This is so confusing! Is there a date they will decide whats gonna happen? I, as many others want them to come out at the time they were supposed to.

    • lisa says:

      i heard good time will be issued back out in july! i also heard that it could be in november around election time!

  19. lisa says:

    i have my fiancee who is suppose to be out july 2nd! when he took his plea he was told he would be out in 6 months !now he wont be! the prison system has been a revolving door for some for a long time ! They should not take it out on the first time offenders! even non violent offenders! keep the murderers and rapist and drug dealers! Let the others get their owed good time!Everyone deserves a second chance!This is bullshit! good time has been around way before quinn started his early release program!Who is he to take away somthing he never started!!!!!!

    • Melanie says:

      Okay wait a minute… since when is drug dealing a violet crime? I agree with you except on that aspect. The system labels people as felons for life so they can’t get a job EVER and expect them to not make money somehow to support their families somehow? Come on now, you gotta see that too.

  20. missy pinto says:

    This is my son first time in prison it a shame first time offenders can’t get the good time.Repeat offenders i can see.

  21. monique says:

    well to put everyone minds at ease they will be bring the good time back this november 2010 that will make us and our loveones happy

  22. Aisha says:

    I don’t know what’s goin on but would like to stay informed, my husband is supposed to be released January 17th, but if not July 17th

  23. Pixie says:

    Pleaseeeee bring r loved ones home this is so messed up i cant stand it any more give the first time offenders a chance!!!

  24. Shirley says:

    Is and when will good time come back? My son is a 1st time offender and took a plea agreement and was told he would get this time and now they are told no.

  25. Aisha says:

    Anyone heard anything about the good time?

  26. Christine says:

    I have heard many things as my loved one is in Taylorville, there is a website google prisontalk they only publish information that is credible. I believe based on what I have read and researched that if MGT is returned we would not know anything until after the first of the year. I have been listening to the rumors for the last year, I don’t see them reinstating good time and if they do there will stipulations to their release as then the inmate would be held liable in the eyes of the public instead of the Govt.

  27. Latanya says:

    I think that it is a crime itself to have held our love ones without reinstating the good time and it is going on a year Quinn have gotten what he wanted now give the inmates of IDOC what they need throughout all of the comments I have heard the same things from my Husband now the new one is that it will be reinstated in January 2011 God I hope so cause this is ridiculous. Or please stop your guards of IDOC of giving out misleading info and if you are going to reinstate it please can we have info on when cause us as women are depending on our L/O ‘s

    • ashley says:

      my finace said that the guards at East Moline is telling the inmates it will be back in jan.2011..i agree with u i hope so but if it is not then yeah they need to shut their mouths and something needs to be said to them bout misleading information..they is really nothing on any websites nor in the newspapers on the news there is no way really to get any information that is is so hard to believe what u read

  28. vanity says:

    well my people my boyfriend is currently in east moline. the good time will not be distributed out until the new year..

  29. Marie says:

    I am just like many of you pregnant woman out there. My husband is still in cook county and i am 6 months pregnant. All u woman need to tough it up and take care of your family until your men come home. The system is bullshit and our men shouldn’t of been out there doin’ the dumb shit they were doin. Otherwise they would be at home with their family. But I do agree good time needs to be brought back, if they get out and do the crime they have to do the time.

  30. Alice says:

    Sounds like from what I read, E. Moline is putting out the most untrue comments about good time coming back. Most all comments made on this site come from there. Why is this? I would think that would cause more anguish and pain for the inmates and the families. So, why cause the discord? Yes, my man is also there and always calling saying this person said this and that person was told something else. Why!!! Until u see it in print shut up.

  31. linda says:

    i was told that the acting director was letting people out at westside atc.i was told she talk to quinn,my husband should be out feb.17 when the good time goes thru it was suppose to be done by jan 15 is that true

    • Erica says:

      my fiance is also in westside atc, we havent heard anything yet tho, hopefully they’ll bring it back soon! i have 2 babies here that need their daddy home!

  32. Stephanie Webb says:

    Really want to know what is the hold up with the good time? I cant understand why the nonviolent offenders are being treated the same as the murders and the sex offenders? if their crime had no victim then they deserve their goodtime!

    • Angela Lopez says:

      I SO AGREE WITH YOU STEPH…… the IDOC is making it hard for the people who doesnt have violent crimes and treating them as if they did commit murder or they are a sex offender. The governor need to be impeached and we need a new one who cares about offenders as much as he claims about the people who isnt locked up.

    • MrsB says:

      Are you serious name the non-violent victim less crime you speak off? I’m curious, if you break the law you are no better than the rest no matter what the crime is.

      • pillowfiends says:

        Gotta say, you seem to see “alleged criminal behavior” from a pretty strict, either black-or-white manner. Just curious how you reconcile your husband’s use of a knife with your convictions? Does it not all come down in your situation to the question, “Is he a good person, or not? And if so, what role does the forethought of his having taken a knife with him play?

        MGT was always discretionary with IL Corrections; inmates never controlled who got it and who didn’t or how strict the eligibility criteria was at any given time. Corrections determined that and inmates just tried to behave in the manner they thought might make them eligible for it. Most inmates now recognize that it was never an entitlement.

        This country is on an anti-criminal crusade now, and there are a lot of laws being passed which people are unaware of that criminalize behavior that is done innocently, without a criminal motivation or else unknowingly. These are poorly written laws passed in the heat of the moment, but they end up penalizing people who don’t even know they might be subject to them. IL would like to send one of the people this blog is about to prison for 3 years because she fell behind in her job. Her alleged “crime” was certainly “non-violent; was it victim-less? If not, then the state of IL has a lot of “victims” they are directly responsible for. The other person this blog is about allegedly did not use a knife or a gun, and any alleged theft was from a vacant room.

        It does not matter about the perspective. If you end up in prison, you will take responsibility for your actions one way or the other. More to be concerned about is the families of those imprisoned who get lied to along with the inmate. They too learn too late what hardships may be coming to them. There is no compassionate reason for the state to keep inmates housed in increasingly inhumane conditions without being upfront to them and their families about how long it will be and what relief, if any, will be coming to them.

  33. arturo says:

    i just recive a one year sentence. for driving on a suspended license, if i take the plea on march 11, 2011. i have no drug record nor violent record. all i have on my record, is one nonfelony dui. and 5 suspended license.

  34. Nancy says:

    Has anyone found out anything on the MGT (MERITORIOUS GOOD TIME)?
    Need to know if they are bringing it back.

  35. My fiance is incarcerated at illinois river doc, i need him home with me and our daughter. I really miss him! I think its messed up that Other inmates our being punished for something someone else did. He is in there on a petty charge, just keep the murders, sex offenders, drug dealers. Let tha non violent inmates out. They already come home on house arrest, and having to see a parole officer. Let alone do all the time that they wasnt suppose too. Please give back GOODTIME.

  36. Tonya Melendez says:

    My son is in Big Muddy c.c. this is his first time there. I dont think it is fair for him not to have his 6 months good time. For some reason they are dening him work release cause they are saying he might get his good time back.He has heard nothing yet. he is due to get out in may mith his good time if not he dont get out till november. This is not fair to the ones who are there for the first time!!!!!!

  37. allen pfanz says:

    hello my son is joshua pfanz R68482 is 6 months good time comeing back any time soon plaese let me know thank you guys

  38. violeta durden says:

    I would like to know if the 6 month good time is back and when they would be baack if they di give it back

  39. juan frias says:

    my brother was suppose to only do 6 months then they charged him for armed robbery…he wasnt the one wit the gun and the detective told us that n the survalence that he was lookin down the whole time he didnt want anything to do wit it.. they gave him 6 years and the guy that had the gun gets out befor him thats bull shit.. i need to know if they r ganna come back with the good time so i know my bro will come home soon AND NOT DEAL WITH ALL THIS GOVERNMENT BULLSHIT RACEST ASS

  40. carmen scott says:

    I know how all of you feel my husband is suppost to be home in july and he is in work release and has had the same job for over a year and know they are saying he isnt getting out until october. this is a bunch of bull shit its all about the money.We have two children ages 12 and 9 its hurtting them so bad that now they have to wait until october now.We just want them to say yes or no about the MGT so we all will know what the hell is going on.

  41. james esslinger says:


  42. james says:

    if your going to prison now with a three year sentence when would you get out

    • parchangelo says:

      It sounds like it is not a serious felony, so one could expect to serve 1 and a half years minus any addition credit one could obtain for taking schooling classes or substance treatment. Just don’t count on any MGT credit.

  43. Robin says:

    I am in the same boat as most of you. This is my hubands first time in prison. The state of Illinios reopened a case from back in 1995. Yes he left state then and violated probation. But he has not been in trouble since then and has turned his life over to God. I still don’t know if good time was reinstated. The probation officer at the court hearing reassured he would be out in 5 months or less but the prison has him getting out in a year. They forget to subtract the time he served in the county jail but in 95. How can I get this straightened out.

    • parchangelo says:

      First you have to get the proof from the county jail showing the dates of his confinement in ’95. If your husband had a PD or attorney back then, you should recontact them and have them obtain this info if they do not have it. Once they have it, they would have to go back into court before the judge and update the docket record from the case with the correct info. The judge would issue a corrected mittimus which is sent to IDOC so they can give him the correct amount of credit. IDOC relies upon that certified record to update his info on the IDOC webpage regarding his out date. If your husband had no attorney, contact the county jail and get the correct address and/or form for him to use to obtain his jail dates, and have him send them a request for the info, (or have him request it using a freedom of information act request). Your husband can then writ himself back to the county court where his case was and appear before the court to request the update in his mittimus. All this takes awhile to have happen, but since Good Time is not reinstated and there is only a small chance that it will reappear in any form before the year is out, it is worth doing.

  44. Robin says:

    Thank you for the information. I actually have the documention on how much time he served back in 95. I plan on contacting the court where he was sentenced to see if they sent the documention over to IDOC.

  45. holly says:

    with no good time if they have 3 years how much time do they have to do if my husband gets shiped july 19 and he takes ged class would you know when he might come home its for driving on revoked

    • parchangelo says:

      He will serve one and one half years minus and time he has spent in county jail and depending how he does with ged perhaps up to 90 more days taken off. After he goes, you have to check the idoc website to see his initial out date and how much credit they give him upfront.

  46. Robin says:

    Where on the idoc website can I find out if they gave my husband credit for the time he did back in 95. I checked the inmate status which shows he is to do 2 years but will be getting out in one year. But like I said no credit was given for 95

    • parchangelo says:

      If the Inmate status page shows just the day-for-day credit and he has been in IDOC for over a month, then IDOC is not giving him any additional credit for any other time served. Understand, that if he did time in 95 in connection to some other case, that credit will never be applied to any other case and is not useable time on a current sentence. The only credit they will give him on the current case is time he spent for it in county jail before being sent to IDOC.

  47. Robin says:

    Thanks for you reply. But the time in 95 is the same case as know. I got a hold of the prison and they admitted they made a mistake. They gave him the time he served back in 95.

  48. Kimm says:

    Regardless of the offense being a dui or an aggravated battery.A first time offender should be given a chance..I have seen some really messed up sentencing..8 1/2 for a murder..20 for drug and one life for drugs her in mclean county We are all human beings and half these people have never been on probation and have been sent to doc. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. These are human beings in cages like dogs but humans are tormented by guards on power trips just so they fuck up their good time. Animals in shelters get better medical treatment and second chances.What does these say about all of us? Give first time offenders a second chance at a successful life..Let them get back into society and support their families so we don’t have to

    • Robin says:

      I have to agree with you. My husband was sentence to 2 years on a 16 year old warrent when they reopened his case in Feb. 2011. He is disabled and sitting at East Moline. He has turned his life around by believing in God. I think they should let him out so he can leave that state and come home. I am unable to visit him because I live out of state. How could they reopen a case after that long. I do not know if he is getting the proper medical care he needs. He saids he is but is that the truth. He should be home continuing his eduction into ministry not sitting in there for such an old crime.

    • wd herrin says:

      Local legal assistant experienced in custody/pre-trial/inmate/Specializing in IDOC issues.
      Post-Conviction, petitions, document preparation, pleadings, motions.
      Services available on request.
      Not a solicitation nor offer for legal advice.

  49. MrsB says:

    My husband has been in the system for over 15 years on a 35 year bid. Would I like good time to come back yes; but I’m not going to bitch and cry to the Governor about it. For what? My husband did the crime he has to do the time. I don’t blame the Governor for this. I blame the creators for not having things in place to stop the abuse of it. You all need to get a grip on reality. Our loved ones committed whatever crime they committed and deserve to be punished for the crimes they committed.

    I’ve read about let the first time offenders have it. For what? What have they done to deserve it? Then I read let the non violent offenders have it. Again what does the crime you are in for have to do with getting it? Good time is supposed to be a bonus for good behavior not an automatic gimme! There is way too much entitlement in this world. If they bring it back terrific if not oh well, with the exception of about 1% of the prison population you knew you broke the law when you broke it now you need to man up and take your time. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    My husband got 35 years for an armed robbery under 100.00 with a knife and no one was injured. Was 35 years the right amount of time? In my opinion hell no but that’s the gamble he took when he robbed that gas station! It may sound cold to some and it might sound as if I don’t love my husband or that we are not together; that is not the case we have been married for over 20 years. He knows that he messed up and now he is at the mercy of the prison system. This isn’t camp, it’s not a vacation people this is prison! You are not on a holiday it’s supposed to be the worst place so that you don’t go back!

    Some on here have said give it to the DUI offenders, what really so they cannot learn a damn thing and kill you next time they decide to drive drunk no thank you. I am far from a saint and a lot closer to a sinner but I am not a criminal. I don’t break the law because I never want to be in prison or put my family that love me through the prison hell. All but about 1% of inmates made a choice when they broke the law. They chose to take that gamble, whether it be drug possession, drug dealing, DUI, burglary, robbery, armed robbery, child abuse, rape, assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, manslaughter, or murder, Whatever the crime they chose to commit it for whatever reason and now they owe a debt to society. And you all want to bitch because the governor is no longer saying welcome to prison, thanks for coming, oh shucks let me take 6 months off your sentence for no good reason and have a nice stay!

    It should be given and taken away based on behavior and nothing else. It should be given like vacation time at your job. For every year you are in prison without any tickets or violations you should get a month good time. If you can’t act right in prison you don’t deserve to get out early! If you act up they take back 2 weeks for each violation or ticket. Also screw that good time for getting a GED or going to classes or rehab counseling. I didn’t get anything from our government when I graduated high school, the state didn’t pay for me to go to college! That is what’s wrong with society now and why the prisons are as full as they are now. Everybody is looking for something for nothing. People just do what they want to do with no regard for the consequences. No one wants to work for anything anymore, they want something they take it or expect someone else to give it to them. Wake up people your loved one chose prison over you and now you’re paying for it. The Governor didn’t do this to you or them: they did it to themselves. So if you want to bitch about your loved one being locked away bitch at them not the Governor!

  50. CB says:

    Ok so I’m confused,…is there no good time at all? Or is it after 61 days they can be evaluated for it? Someone please set me straight. And Mrs. B, you’ve got to be a bisch….Just because your husband committed a crime now you’re bitter about it. Should inmates serve their time? OF COURSE, but from every person I know they get wayyyyy too long for minor crimes. And people wonder why the state is broke, because tax-payers are paying to keep inmates in prison for much longer than need be. Should they give it to anyone? NO, i do agree they should be evaluated, but they need to get it back like ASAP. Its been almost 2 years since they have past the bill. Does it really take that long to review? I believe someone is not doing their job. They do not care so they are just saying they are checking it over. Next election, Mr. Quinn is definitely not getting my vote.

    • pillowfiends says:

      Yeah, there are no good time credits being awarded now to any inmates. The only ones getting out earlier due to good time credits are those who were approved for it before it was suspended in 12/09. No one else is being considered for good time credit eligibility now, no matter how minor their crimes are or how good their behavior. Otherwise, Inmates are still getting day-for-day credit off their sentences, which mostly cuts their sentences in half. The only other additional time off credits still being given are time off for educational schooling or for participation in drug programs. No, it should not be taking this long to review or fix a problem.

  51. lindel says:

    How bout a father getting 5 years for protecting his daughter from the man that raped her!!

    • Nancy says:

      That is just wrong, he is a hero. Sorry for your sorrow. Always stand by your man. If that man that raped your daughter is still alive he should feel lucky.

  52. Mrs J says:

    I think the 6 months good time should come back cause me and my family really miss my husband and really need him home with us.

  53. addrin turner says:

    Please bring the good time back. My husband and i are about to have our first child and it hurts so much that he will miss the BIGGEST event in our lives. they already denied his work release. The baby is due on march 13, 2012 and he is not scheduled for release until june 23rd. Only GOD can help this situation and you all. Please look into your hearts when making this decision. It effects thousands everyday!!

  54. Maggie says:

    A close friend of mine went in today. He is serving 90 days with the day-in day-out credit, so all-in-all about 44 days (credit from the night spent after his arrest). However, many of the inmates are asking him if he knows if anything has been done with the Good Time laws. I am not too familiar with this so if someone could fill me in so I can pass it on to him and some of the others I would greatly appreciate it (as would they)!

  55. john molina says:

    john Molina I’ve been incarcerated almost 1year an its been hell I’m at a work realize program that wants to close us down because i.d.o.c dont want to pay money to keep us in a program that has been helping us out for that better of are self-es an so we wont come back to prison this location is 3210w.Arthington so we need help to convinces Quinn to approve that early realize or something so we dont have to go back to prison

  56. victoria hern says:

    does anyone on the web have up to date info?????? like the governor signing a bill that has already passed the house and senate? may 31, 2012

    • SHB says:

      The bill was sent to be reviewed, if they decide to return good time credit it will be revised. Then probably wont be in effect until after election. The governor of your state is not making any fast decisions, Come to Wisconsin where our governor makes decisions, that are actually working. The fact that people are being put in jail for petty crimes, and have to serve so long to me is ridiculous. The state of Illinois is failing not just the people in prisons that dont belong, but the tax payers that have to pay 30,000 a year to house a person driving with a suspended DL? Crazy….. Fingers crossed that the people who are willing to learn from their mistakes, ( we all make them) can reduce their sentences and get back to the real world. Contributing to society, working and paying taxes.

      • Nancy says:

        All i have heard is 180 days. But that would sweet if they gave a extra 3 months. SHB i do agree with you, it is ridiculous that people are going to prison for petty crimes like on a suspended license. They are making it a felony, crazy. I read some the new bill they passed. It sounds pretty good to me. No i dont think a murderer or rapist, child molester should get it. There is alot of inmates in prison for petty stuff. They need to bring back some help with these people to get on there feet. They use to offer bussinesses a tax break to hire inmates when they are released. What happened to that? Yeah its there fault they got locked up, but they get out cant find work and go back to wrong ways to survive. I use to say i am proud to grow up and live in Illinois but now i am ready to move away. They need to bring back the good time so us taxpayer arent being burdened with this problem and expense of the overcrowding. If they just fix the waste in this state. Stop failing we the people of this state.
        PLEASE BRING BACK THE GOOD TIME !!!!!!!!!!!! Quinn you may lose some votes but you will gain some too..

  57. pamela says:

    i would like to know when the good time is coming back i have a son in jacksonville,illinois and it takes a lot of gas to go see him and it is a four hour drive just one way to see him. i leave at 6 am and dont get home until 5 or 6 in the evening. i think if they are going to keep them in prison then they should fix it where they are closer to home and not so far away. and the good time would really help everyone out the ones that are having their first baby and the the other that needs them home to help with the money they really need to bring the good time back and fast …………

  58. pamela says:

    i also want to say that i have a another family member in another prison and he has to do 85%of his time will he get the 6 month good time too if it comes back i think he got to much time for he first time ever getting into trouble and he got 5 years flat but when he got to prison they said he had to do the 85%of his time and he still has 2and a half years to go i think they did him wrong we need the good time to get here fast………..

  59. olline doyle says:

    i agree i herd that good time should be back by the beginning of next year. and i herd it was for 6 months but if any one no any differnt please please let me no somthang. please lord let it come back soon this is my baby frist tim e and it is killing me not haveing him around it is so very hard with out him AMEN

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