Help Wanted

Posted: August 12, 2008 by scornn in Uncategorized

Are you an attorney, Writer, Political activist, Documentarian, Web designer who can Help Richard?
Can you spread this story thru traditional media sources, internet or word of mouth? want to Help Write to

  1. Tony says:

    I guess you shouldn’t have stolen all that other shit then bragged about it.


  2. Bill S. says:

    Did Mr. Wanke kill anyone else, or just that one guy? Because if it’s just that one guy, I would love to help.


  3. Sleepy Jean says:

    It’s really a con on the public like Richard is some sort of political prisoner. He’s just darned lucky he’s been able to be out and about this long. That’s a comment on how our system does or doesn’t work. He should have been put away LONG ago and it would have saved a number of people from being his victim—theft, con and otherwise if it’s true.


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