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Your new client has already been found guilty at trial in September, 2007
and is in custody at Winnebago County Jail, Rockford, IL
Sentencing hearing and past trial motions needed.

For more info write to:
Richard Wanke #20605
650 West State Street
Rockford IL 61102

  1. As we’re on WANTED: DEFENSE ATTORNEY PRO BONO RichardWanke.Com, With a history extending back to Aristotle along with other early philosophers, the natural law theory has traditionally linked the law with religion and an innate sense of justice, as opposed to the extra pragmatic approaches of some other theories. Although this can sound rather fundamental, the principals have been developed and refined via academic debate for centuries ultimately leading to a far a whole lot additional sophisticated theory of the nature of law.


  2. Since we are writing about WANTED: DEFENSE ATTORNEY PRO BONO RichardWanke.Com, A cash bond costs the full amount of the bond AND a nonrefundable $10 Sheriff’s fee if the bond is posted after regular office hours with the jail. Example: A $500 cash bond would cost a total of $510 ($500 plus $10).


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