Attorney Glenn Jazweic fired by client, Richard Wanke

Posted: July 26, 2008 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized

I visited Richard on Friday.
The following is posted as Richard requested:


I have fired my attorney, Glenn Jazwiec, and I am asking Judge McGraw to appoint new council as soon as possible. I was arrested on February 6th, 2008 and Mr. Jazwiec was appointed on February 25th, 2008 after 4 other attorneys resigned citing conflicts.

From the beginning I have challenged my bonds revocation; sought release from my continued unlawful imprisonment; and have further sought to appeal the trial courts decisions.

Upon our very first meeting, I advised Mr. Jazwiec and instructed him to file an immediate appeal. On three occasions, June 11th, July 7th and July 24th my attorney has been instructed by Judge McGraw that if he wishes to seek bond in my case he would have to file an appeal to the appellate court.

I have requested, pleaded, and finally, demanded that Mr. Jazwiec follow my wishes, and the recommendations of Judge McGraw, and to appeal my unlawful bond revocation and detention. He has refused, often citing his busy schedule and commitments to other clients as excuses.

I have also gone through these same invocations with Mr. Jazwiec to meet, speak with, and prepare my witnesses for my pending sentencing hearing. He has not done so — these past 5 months.

It is for these reasons and others that I have fired my attorney and seek new council.

Richard Wanke

  1. scornn says:

    I called Mr. Jazwiec every week for three week asking him to call me back only then did I get a return call.


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