‘Thank you’ from Richard Wanke

Posted: July 5, 2008 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized

This is from a letter Richard sent to me from Winnebago County Corrections.
He asked me to post it on the blog for all of you.

Over these last several months, I have said my individual thank yous. Thank you to friends and family members, to those who have written and visited, and to those who have sent their “best wishes”.

I have been encouraged by all of your thoughts of support, your prayers and your help. It has been a long five months since my “detention” in February.

A tiring ordeal and a changing of seasons. I cannot say that I see the end yet, nor do I know what the future holds for me. But, It has been easier with your help; with the knowledge that you are thinking of me. Keep up the good works. Keep writing emails, talking with friends and encouraging others to stay informed. Keep writing “letters to the editor” to our local papers, speaking with civic leaders, to friends and family. And thank you. Thank you for keeping me in you hearts, your thoughts, your wishes and your prayers.

R. Wanke


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