Rich’s latest hearing

Posted: June 10, 2008 by yourrights1984 in Uncategorized

On Monday, Judge McGraw heard Attorney Jazwick’s motion requesting the judge to recuse. This based on his acquaintance with the victim, his signature on a warrant to confiscate a belt for possible DNA (apparently nothing on that), and on the Judge’s being privy to the same police scuttlebut which caused Judge Truit to recuse. However, Judge McGraw was unconvinced, also saying that the newspaper stories on Richard as a “person of interest” in the murder investigation would not influence him…let’s hope not.

Next hearing: tuesday June 11 re: motion to change the venue.  (8:45 am  Room 467, Old Court House…not the new “Justice Center.”

  1. Parchangelo says:

    I don’t know if it was a “belt” they wanted to test for DNA, but get this: after more than three months of holding Richard illegally and not charging anyone for Clark’s murder, the state’s attorney claims they have not yet “tested” the two vehicles the police seized on February 7, 2008!!!

    And, yeah, Judge McGraw stated pretty forcibly on the record that he pays no attention, whatsoever, to what is written in the press about any of the cases he hears.

    If that were so, I’d think he would be asking the state by now exactly why Richard’s bond is still revoked!


  2. yourrights1984 says:

    Judge McGraw stated that he had the judicial ability to remain “untainted” by press coverage, information police provided to get him to sign the warrant, or the gruesome fact that it was a defense attorney murdered.

    And for God’s sakes why wouldn’t the police have “tested” the confiscated vehicles? That defies reason.

    The Register Star seems to have stopped covering the case. Nothing on the June 10 hearing. It is time for the Rock River Times to do a story.


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