Jail conditions

Posted: April 12, 2008 by cworboy4759 in IDOC, Uncategorized

Richard is in Lockdown, 21 hours in his cell and 3 out daily. His pastor has been denied additional visits because their conversations were not religious enough. She was bringing him books: Ann Rand, an article on Vaclav Havel, a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Why should his access to such reading matter be terminated? He has written five or six letters from jail and none of them have reached their destinations. Incoming letters have been seized. He has not received any of them. At this point, he has only three authorized phone numbers to call. Others have a block on them. Are people afraid? Why?

  1. scaryhouse says:

    How would the police know if their conversations were, or were not “religious enough”, unless they were listening in on them?

    It seems like conversations with one’s minister ought to be private, but I don’t make up the rules.

    I went down for Richard’s weekly half hour visit last night.

    He still cannot send mail out.

    I’ll post an article with info on how to send mail to him in jail. Maybe he’ll get some of it eventually.


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