Richard’s Appeals

Posted: April 8, 2008 by mondele in Uncategorized

Well, I haven’t seen any other documentation relating to this trial, but the appeal of the conviction for the Dekalb County burglaries is on findlaw. In the case of the appeal of the Dekalb County charges, the appeal was denied. This ruling was made in 1999. The burglaries were committed in 1991.

The appeal of the Winnebago County conviction is here. In this case, the appeal was granted, the finding reversed, but the case was also remanded, which might imply a subsequent trial. This ruling was in 2000. The burglary was in 1992. Was there another trial?

  1. ladykatiejane says:

    He is a peace activist-not a murderer.

    I was out of the country when all of this happened, but I returned to my mother saying to me, “Do you know the name Diane Chavez?” She then handed me the paper, and I caught up with what has been going on in this case.

    I worked with Richard and Diane at the Peace store. They are both anti-gun, anti-war, peace-loving individuals who disagreed with the atom bomb being dropped on Hiroshima. The thought that they would ever be involved in the murder of an attorney or the murder of anyone for that matter, is absolutely insane. I can’t imagine Richard even laying his hands on a weapon.

    Richard was always extraordinarily kind to me. He is a gentle soul, and I have to believe he is innocent. An act this heinous is too out of character for someone who does so much, and cares so much, for everyone he comes across in this world.


  2. yourrights1984 says:

    Dear LadyKatiejane,

    I would go to the PeaceStore when I was looking for some break from the hectic pace and chaos. Both Richard and Diane made anyone who walked into the store feel at home. I could tell the kind of people they were by the way they kept the store. “They cared.” And they are as you say, “gentle souls.”

    At, we are trying our best to get the word out. Rockford needs to be reminded what kind of people both Richard and Diane are.

    Thank you for the comment. I hope to meet you soon.



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