“…The DeKalb County judge formally declared 77-year-old Jack McCullough innocent during a court hearing today. The certificate will allow McCullough to sue Illinois for damages for his wrongful conviction in Maria Ridulph’s killing.

A prosecutor concluded last year that evidence backed McCullough’s alibi that he had been 40 miles away when Maria disappeared. A judge agreed, ordering McCullough’s release after he had served four years of a life sentence.

McCullough said at a hearing last week that he wants justice. He says he’s been portrayed “as a monster” and that people still think he’s one…”


McCullough is correct; even if he is able to collect damages from the State, a lot of people will still regard him as a monster.

Rockford mayoral candidates on crime

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Jail population on the rise

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UPDATE: Todd Smith sentenced to 59 years in prison

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It is past due time for staffing of the office. Obviously, it was of no real use without a deputy on duty.

“…Monday, the Rockford City Council OK’d a deal to pay the county $75,000 annually to fund the salary and benefits of a sheriff’s deputy who will be stationed noon to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Assessment Center housed in the Juvenile Justice Center at 211 S. Court St., the old Federal Courthouse.

Court officials said the presence of a deputy will speed up the process of returning the arresting officer to the streets and releasing juveniles back into the custody of their parents, or lodging them in the Juvenile Detention Center if necessary.

The deputy is described by Jakeway and Juvenile Probation Division supervisor John Papiernick as a vital cog in the assessment process. However, a deputy has been absent from the Assessment Center since September 2015 when the position was cut by Sheriff Gary Caruana because of budget constraints…”




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A prayer as trial starts…

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In hopes that some resolution will come from this trial and in recognition of all the tragic effects the Greg Clark murder has had on both the Clark family and the Wanke family and to everyone else concerned, we pray now:

Help us to love our neighbors more than we love ourselves, respecting differences, and embracing our commonalities to find common ground.

Help us to be your echoes of mercy and whispers of love,

Use our hands to extend help to hose who are in need of it. Guide our heart to an everlasting peace.

Help us to realize that an aching world is waiting for us, you followers, to be instruments of justice, and stewards of Your Word. And, in application to our needs here, Abraham Lincoln’s prayer for judges,

May the almighty grant that the cause of truth, justice, and humanity shall in no wise suffer at the hands of the jury.

In your name we pray.