Campaign effort to rehabilitate the public image of a past cop?

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Greg Lindmark was an experienced 53 year old investigator and past police officer who shot himself this year nearly on the anniversary of the Greg Clark murder and just before he was sued in a federal lawsuit for past alleged improper actions. No one anticipated his suicide. He was a Deputy Chief, and supervised and directed the work of local police officers on many cases in the Rockford Police before he retired from direct police work in 2011. Individuals seem determined to turn him into a local hero or at least to try and cast his death in a sympathetic light alleging that his death was caused by the ultimate toll of “work stress”. Whether this is the true cause of his death or an attempt by the family and others to rehabilitate a public image is the question for every one to consider. His death has many potential ramifications, and this foundation and allegation that his suicide concerned personal reasons can be an attempt to deflect criticism of his past roles and actions.

Landmark committed suicide, and so far at least, the reason for him doing so appears to be unknown.  Certainly the reason has not been released or discussed publicly; not to the media and not by anyone who knew him.


Lindmark Foundation to Help Rockford Officers and First Responders Deal with Traumatic Stress – Story | MYSTATELINBy Mimi Murphy |
Published 07/23 2015 09:27AMUpdated 07/23 2015 03:32PM

A local foundation has been established to help first responders dealing with the extreme stress that comes with the job.   It was formed after a well known, well respected leader in law enforcement, Greg Lindmark, died earlier this year, his family became determined to turn his tragic death into a way to help others — something he would have wanted.

That’s because the stresses police, firefighters and other first responders face on the job can take a terrible toll, in too many cases, sometimes resulting in suicide.

On February 9th, retired Rockford Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark died of a self inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 53.  He was a well respected 26 year veteran of the Rockford Police force.

via Lindmark Foundation to Help Rockford Officers and First Responders Deal with Traumatic Stress – Story | MYSTATELINE.

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