Shoe is on the Other Foot – These cops should be featured in the “Most Stupid Criminal” category!

Posted: January 19, 2013 by pillowfiends in Bad Cops, Police Misconduct, The Causes of Wrongful Convictions, the Responsiblility of the Media

Every time a criminal does something considered really dumb, their actions are quickly immortalized by national media in feature stories summarizing their actions in the “Most Stupid Criminal” news category. Here, we have three, supposedly career policemen, “detectives, no less”, who it seems put their heads together and decided that they would not only engage in questionable and possibly criminal behavior, but that they could also TRUST an INFORMANT to keep their secrets and act as a partner!

Just how many times is the public told that criminals and informants, in particular, have no honor and are not trustworthy? Cops always ding defendants for acting stupid and making poor judgements, but these guys   stretch credibility! The Schaumburg police force is not that large, and common-sense should tell anyone from the outset that the alleged wrong-doing would involve too many incidents and uncontrollable details to  remain secret for long. It does not even appear that the investigation had to squeeze the informant very hard for him to allegedly spill the beans. And, of course, like the criminal defendants police love to criticize, these detectives appear to have kept plenty in the way of incriminating evidence for investigators to recover as well as making alleged incriminating statements and admissions. At the very least, the reason O’Brien  is alleged to have given for his involvement (“for the thrill of it”) should serve to underscore to the public the power trip some cops given a certain level of power apparently fall prey to.

Of course, there is a difference between these guys and the “criminals”; there will be plenty of people ready to excuse their judgements and publicly defend them as being “good people”. They will also, no doubt get to keep their jobs and public pay-checks pending any prosecutions!


“…The offices of the Cook County state’s attorney and public defender are looking at cases in which the officers were involved to determine whether any have been compromised. Criminal defense experts said some prosecutions could be tainted because of questions about the officers’ credibility and their unavailability to testify…”

3 Schaumburg cops accused of drug ring

Prosecutors say they stole cash and narcotics, then profited from dope sales

“…They also were caught on video Jan. 12 breaking into a storage shed in Roselle to steal $20,000 in cash and a stash of drugs, Assistant State’s Attorney Audrey Anderson said.

On Wednesday, authorities executed 20 search warrants for the officers’ homes, vehicles, work lockers and other areas of the Schaumburg Police Department. Investigators recovered $20,000 and obtained incriminating statements from each defendant, Anderson said.

“(O’Brien) said he did all this just for the thrill of it,” she said.

Also charged was Nicole Brehm, 44, of Hoffman Estates, who was identified as O’Brien’s mistress. She’s accused of using her home as a “stash house,” where police found six pounds of marijuana…”

$750K Bail Set For Schaumburg Cops Accused Of Stealing From Drug Dealers

“…Audio and video recordings were played in court of the officers discussing plans to steal drugs from a dealer and delivering money to the informant. Prosecutors said the incidents occurred while the officers were in tactical clothing and police department vehicles.

Schaumburg police said in a statement Wednesday the officers have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the state’s attorney’s office’s investigation. The village has also begun its own investigation…”

Prosecutor: Schaumburg cop said he sold drugs “just for the thrill of it”

  1. Chris says:

    These policemen were in my house to execute a search warrant and stole items and money from my home. When I asked for a list and why they didn’t report the cash they laughed at me. Can I file A civil lawsuit aganst them.


  2. Grace Gramas says:

    My son was robbed and falsly acused of alluding police in Wheaton county of Dupage on Naperville Rd. in rush hours where the speed limit is 35 mpr. Another time (the same county, same city) he was charged with carring a weapon (he was on probation) and it was only a key chain with a small letter opening in one. In other time cops have stolen private belongings(with a lot of value) from his car after he was stopped by police.The list is endless from my experience talking about bad cops who should be an example to society. Becase of the so called wapon I discribed earlier my son got nailed for six yers and his criminal record is very wrong-false. Some cops are so BAD and all I can say to those BAD ONE’s YOU ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DID & YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT- SHAME ON YOU BAD COPS!!!


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