In our opinion, Glen Weber, is not running for Winnebago County SA; he is running amok at the mouth!

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In our opinion, the voters of Winnebago County, should be finding Glen Weber’s eagerness to make characterizing statements about the nature of individual defendants in certain on-going criminal prosecutions to be unacceptable behavior from an individual who must be able to administer the responsibilities of our office of the State’s Attorney with impartiality and credibility. Glen Weber and Joe Bruscato appeared at a forum today hosted live by the Rockford Register-Star. Readers can view the RRSTAR full video and hear the responses of both to questions presented by the RRSTAR and listeners Here (Bruscato-Weber 2012 Election Debate). Weber not only says that the “man” (and we all know who he refers to) should be prosecuted for the Clark murder, but he also went on to use the name of one current defendant; terming him “a rapist”.

Weber mentioned several convictions, but he also specifically mentioned the above cases in which guilt has not been adjudicated (or in one case even charged), yet Weber did not qualify his statement by terming the above individual “an alleged rapist”.

We don’t know how much clearer Bruscato can be in warning voters of his opinion that some of Weber’s remarks could jeopardize that prosecution of criminal cases in several ways. Certainly, Weber’s confession that his information about the Clark murder investigation comes from the victim’s family again appears to us to confirm that (in conjunction with Bart Henbest’s May 2012 public statements to the RRSTAR) police evidence in that investigation has been leaked to individuals who should not have access to a sealed on-going investigation. If anyone is charged with the Clark murder, not only could Weber’s impartiality to conduct the prosecution possibly be questioned, but defense attorneys will and should expose any improper evidence leaks. Bruscato did not mention it, but Weber should also know that the initial charging decision on the Clark murder investigation came under Bruscato’s predecessor : Phil Nicolosi. Bruscato did not assume office till December of 2008. We suggest that Weber pay closer attention to the fact that not one, but two Winnebago County SA’s have apparently chosen not to “rush to judgement”regarding the chargebility of Clark murder case. Weber can promise the Clark family anything he wants in exchange for their election support; but do we really want an SA in office who will decide cases based on who petitions him?

Glen Weber’s presentation seems to boil down to the argument that voters should regard his many years of aggressive criminal prosecutions as ample experience to qualify him for the office of Winnebago County State’s Attorney; and that his experience can be spread like butter to cover the multitude of responsibilities of administrating a large, modern-day SA office. He seems to want voters to regard his zeal and quest to prosecute as an endearing plus while disregarding the potential effects of any unseemly statements that may slip out of him from time-to-time.  

In our opinion, Weber is an irresponsible throw-back to the way that Winnebago County used to prosecute; by using the FEAR of CRIME factor to prosecute to the max, which directly led to our jail and state prisons being full and our local and state pockets being empty. We can do better. We urge voters to do a little homework and read about how other states (our neighbor Ohio, for example) are instead moving toward “…sentencing reform, increased support for former inmates, and rehabilitation and education programs for current prisoners have helped keep prisoners from returning…” and make more cents!  See this current NPR segment: 

Programs Keep Inmates From Returning To Prison

  1. NANCY says:

    I guess still no updates when they are going to start emplementing the goodtime back.


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