Governor Pat Quinn just signed the State budget cuts and still plans to close prisons despite IDOC inmate overcrowding, poor prison conditions and now natural disaster strikes due to weather conditions! What’s next?

Storm damage forces inmate transfer from Dixon

“…SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Storm damage forced the transfer of dozens of maximum-security, mentally ill inmates Saturday, leaving the Dixon prison locked down with emergency generators providing power and prompting the correctional workers’ union to raise more questions about the practicality of Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to close penitentiaries in a severely crowded system.

The Department of Corrections transferred 78 inmates from Dixon to segregated cells at the maximum-security Pontiac Correctional Center after severe weather that rolled through north-central Illinois Friday night ripped up roofs and caused other “significant” damage, spokeswoman Stacey Solano said…”

  1. Barbara (Giuffre) Friedman says:

    I hope everybody was ok in the prison storm in Dixon and now that you had to transfer the prisoner to now overcrowded another prison its only going to get worse with the violence in the prisons because of the overcrowding because theres going to be no room to have space. i think you should seriously think about the Goodtime that is lingering in the air before they start becoming violent and then you might have a bigger problem. My son is in Pickeneyville Correction Center first time offender, non violent, did schooling and concelling and GED and colanary(Cooking) school and top speaker when he recieved his GED. I think my son would make a good canidate for the Goodtime. Pickneyville M17641 Nick Giuffre and you would save money!!!!!


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