Cell Phone Pictures Help Police Catch Criminals

Posted: March 4, 2012 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized

PHOENIX – Sgt. Darren Burch of Silent Witness is stressing how much of a role technology plays in helping to catch criminals.

Phoenix police were recently able to use a cell phone picture to identify a suspect and make an arrest. People are now pulling out their cell phones because they’re always with them.

“These pictures that we are getting now from people with their cell phones, their iPhones are such good quality, better quality in some cases than surveillance cameras,” says Sgt. Burch.

They’re being used to take pictures and video of hit-and-run crashes, robberies, and even shootings, and that’s what occurred at Margaret Hance Park in Phoenix.

A 24-year-old man snapped a picture with his phone after four people came up to him while he was walking in the park. He said they tried to rob him, and they ended up shooting him twice.

That victim remembered seeing the suspects on the light rail too.

So now police have a picture and surveillance video to try to catch them.

Another recent cell phone video clearly shows a robber stealing cash from a register at an Arby’s in Phoenix. The clerk behind the counter took the video, and the suspect was caught.

In Oregon, police say hit-and-run crashes are down because of cell phones. People are snapping pictures of drivers fleeing the scene.

“That’s evidence it literally is evidence. If they have a picture of the suspect before during or after the crime, it is absolutely vital evidence,” says Sgt. Burch.

But here’s the problem — police have mixed feelings about it. It helps them, but it can put the person taking the picture in a lot of danger.

If you’re driving, you shouldn’t be taking pictures, and you definitely don’t want to get a burglar or shooter upset if they catch you doing this – so, you have to be careful.

Sgt. Burch says you should ask yourself: “What situation are you in? Are you in a situation where you need to get out of that environment? Are you in harm’s way already?” and use good judgment before you reach for your phone.

via Cell Phone Pictures Help Police Catch Criminals.

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