Parole Board Slammed On Pardons | WJTV

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A report from a watchdog group concludes the state parole board failed to do its job before former governor Barbour issued dozens of pardons just before he left office.

The report was compiled by the legislature’s committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review or PEER.

The five member board is accused of violating state law because it failed to keep a record of its meetings related to pardons and the panel doesn’t have files on some inmates who were granted early release from prison.

State representative Cecil Brown of Jackson, who requested the PEER report, says he’s troubled by its findings.

Brown wants answers related to one high profile case of former socialite Karen Irby, where two doctors were killed in a deadly high speed case.

Brown says he’s now supporting legislation that would make it clear what the parole board’s duties are.

via Parole Board Slammed On Pardons | WJTV.

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