Stateville prison Medical Director was “walking (medical) malpraction action”

Posted: February 4, 2012 by mikethemouth in IDOC
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Judge slams ‘callous conduct’ of doctor at Stateville prison

The article says that Parthasarathi Ghosh no longer tends to prisoners at the Stateville prison, but this is not clear from an internet look-up on his name. He is only listed online in association with Stateville.

The judge’s ruling not only points out the medical non-treatment at Stateville, but also underscores a problem which inmates claim is rampant at all IDOC facilities; the abuse of the grievance system where grievance officers appear to routinely fail to properly process or even acknowledge the receipt of grievances filed by inmates. “…Two grievance officers testified they don’t actually review Martinez’s appeals as required by Illinois code, but instead copied verbatim Ghosh’s response, according to Shadur’s ruling issued Monday. “The unthinking, robotic handling of grievances” by the officers “could qualify them for lead roles in Karel Capek’s classic (play) ‘R.U.R.,'” he wrote…”

  1. Dr. Ghosh always told my son, a prisoner at Stateville, that the prison’s insurance company prohibited him from prescribing the proper medications and treatment of my son’s back problems.

    For years, he refused to authorize treatments recommended by doctors at the Univ. of Illinois Hospital because either the insurance wouldn’t pay, IDOC does not allow narcotic medications, or IDOC could not afford the expense of mobilizing him back and forth to the hospital for recommended treatments.

    So glad he’s not there anymore. Perhaps his replacement will do better!

    As for IDOC’s grievance procedure, it is a farce! Prisoners can file grievances, and if approved by a staff counselor, they will be sent on to someone in Springfield. What inmates quickly learn is that the counselors rarely forward them, and Springfield rarely grants a remedy! After this happens repeatedly, prisoners give up trying to get help.


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