How Many Cops Don’t Get Their Paperwork Done Either? And other stories…

Posted: September 14, 2011 by pillowfiends in Bad Cops, Police Misconduct, Prosecutorial Misconduct, The Causes of Wrongful Convictions
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Annual city ethics statements are well, like annual. So, some of these cops, not just their supervisors, should have known they had to file their statements and the deadline for doing so. Cops have to do a lot of paperwork just like some of us at our jobs. We never really hear about cops messing up on their paperwork; either not getting it done, misplacing it, or taking it home to work on it. With time constraints and human abilities being limited; you know that this has to happen. It just isn’t publicly reported that often and cops rarely seem to get punished or prosecuted over it. There was the 2007 scandal in Harvey, IL where 200 rape kits and evidence was found unprocessed and cases were not investigated or prosecuted. Wonder how that mess ended up?

Hundreds of cops could be punished for not filing ethics statements: sources

Raid on Illinois Department Reveals Unprocessed Evidence

80 percent of rape kits go untested in Illinois
July 9, 2010

HRW set their sights statewide in Illinois, collecting comprehensive data from 127 of 267 jurisdictions and found that only 1,474 of the 7,494 rape kits booked into evidence since 1995 could be confirmed as tested.

“I Used to Think the Law Would Protect Me”

We found a good blog to check out with a whole lot of other online news reporting about police mishaps. Check it out here: IAPE NEWS – The EVIDENCE ROOM BLOG

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