Governor Pat Quinn now on Twitter & Flickr!

Posted: June 30, 2011 by tennesseetree in Uncategorized

Governor Quinn now has a twitter account and a flickr account!

Governor Quinn on Twitter

Governor Quinn on Flickr

These present wonderful opportunities for constituents to contact him directly and allow him a chance to respond directly to your questions. Quinn announced these accounts via a state press release stating that he seeks public input. We urge everyone to tweet and flickr him about when he is going to reinstate Meritorious Good Time for IL prison inmates or with any other questions you may have! Go ahead! Seeing our politicians making use of social media and soliciting public participation is a progressive sign to IL voters!

  1. marcia smith says:

    new to Twitter, do all Tweets posted to his account go public right away?


    • smallmouth63 says:

      If you tweet a response to one of the several entries on Quinn’s page by hitting reply, then your short response should show up immediately.


  2. leonora says:

    Mr. Pat Quinn if i could please ask you just this one question ? When are you gonna reinstate M.G.T . I’m sure everybody else wants to know . My fiacee been incarcerated now for over 2 1/2 years. He missed out on Holidays & Birthdays that i’m sure he would have enjoyed being at home . We have 3 chilrdnen 2 sons & 1 daughter . I know for certain that are boys need ther dad in there life. I don’t think it’s fair that the prisoners who deserves there goodtime got cheated out of it. All because of somebody else mistakes .


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