Woman Says Her Property Is At Center Of Police Misconduct Investigation – Kansas City News Story – KCTV Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A woman said her property is at the center of a misconduct investigation in the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department, and she wants it back. That woman says the KCK SWAT team not only damaged her home when they served a search warrant, but she believes they stole thousands of dollars from her family.

She’s also frustrated because she filed a claim with the city for the losses in August 2010, and she is still waiting for an answer.

“I don’t see how they can justify doing $6,000 worth of damage to my home searching for an Xbox stolen from someone,” the victim said.

The KCK woman agreed to talk to us if we concealed her identity. She said on July 14, 2010, when no one was home, the KCK SWAT unit stormed in with a search warrant and they left behind an excessive amount of damage.

Shawnee police had asked KCK for their assistance in looking for a stolen Xbox and other property taken from a house in Shawnee. None of those stolen items was ever found inside her house.

She said those KCK officers actually pocketed $4,000 in cash. Her 17-year-old brother had just taken that money out of the bank that week to buy a used car. He put his savings inside of a coffee can in his room, she said.

“Obviously not safe in coffee can, but it was in secure home with family. It was a closed dresser, it was tossed and lid the flipped open and the money was gone,” she said.

The next day she filed a citizen’s complaint with KCK’s internal affairs for the stolen cash listing it as missing property. She also filed a claim at City Hall with the clerk’s office in August detailing all the damage done throughout the house. Repairs were estimated to cost $6,000.

She was told it would only take 120 days for city attorneys to determine whether to pay or dismiss the claim.

“I haven’t heard back from them in a month, I keep getting the run around,” she said.

via Woman Says Her Property Is At Center Of Police Misconduct Investigation – Kansas City News Story – KCTV Kansas City.

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