How IDOC Is Updating Their Computer Systems!

Posted: March 5, 2011 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized

IDOC is buying into Microsoft’s “360 Offender” computer software for all operations.  This is part of their steps to update IDOC before they make mistakes in releasing offenders! You can look at a Microsoft brochure here about the software. Microsoft is peddling it to a lot of the correctional facilities nationwide. It has not yet been reviewed by any of the users, so it will be interesting to see how it works. It is a complete makeover for IDOC and looks like a fairly complex system and, as the article below indicates, it will be a big change for IDOC, so it will probably take IDOC some time to be up and running with it:

(Click on the “Learn More” tab on the following page to download detailed brochure on the Offender 360 software)

Offender 360 for Microsoft Dynamics for CRM

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Department of Corrections is in the midst of a $30 million, multi-phase overhaul of its antiquated computer systems, but continuing the project depends upon the General Assembly paying for it in the next fiscal year.

A report in August by retired Judge David Erickson said the department’s archaic information technology systems “have a major impact on all DOC functions, particularly those relating to a meaningful assessment of inmates prior to release.”

Erickson had been asked to examine the so-called MGT-Push scandal, in which inmates were given good-time credit as soon as they walked into prison and the department dropped a requirement that they serve at least 61 days of their sentence. (“MGT” stands for “meritorious good time,” which was supposed to be granted only to well-behaved inmates.)

The corrections department is in the midst of the first phase of its new system to track and manage inmates, called Offender 360. The state and consultants from the tech giant Microsoft have identified the most-accessed and necessary data from the department’s existing offender management system. The second phase will integrate the rest of the databases.

Sean Vinck, Gov. Pat Quinn’s chief information officer, said the department’s information technology problems are clear.

via Funding for prison computer improvements depends on legislature – McCook, IL – McCook Suburban Life.


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