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Posted: February 5, 2011 by scaryhouse in Uncategorized


The recent issues with local government’s use of closed sessions should give the citizens of Greenville and Pitt County pause to reflect on just why our governments need closed sessions. The Pitt County’s closed session abuse on the private club’s lawsuit on smoking was a case in point. The Airport Authority pay screw-up was another. Are these closed sessions just protecting incompetent government workers from proper scrutiny? I think so.

In fact, the city of Greenville’s bureaucracy also has its own unique closed meeting foolishness. The Greenville City Council wishes to discuss last year’s 65 cases of alleged police misconduct, including citizens’ charges of excessive force by Greenville officers. This review is to include the name of the officer involved and the cases’ disposition. However, the city attorney states that this information must be held confidential and discussed in closed session only.

via The Daily Reflector.

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