More Behind IL Prison Workman’s Comp Scandal!

Posted: February 1, 2011 by freerichardwanke in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins, the Responsiblility of the Media

Now it looks like prison guards were not the only ones who got money easily! Click article below to read:

Arbitrator who approved workers’ comp settlements for Menard guards also got one; governor orders investigation

“The arbitrator who approved many of the workers’ compensation settlements that awarded millions of taxpayer dollars to guards at the Menard Correctional Center for carpal tunnel syndrome received $48,790 for the same type of injury.

But four months after state hearing judge John T. Dibble received the settlement, the award was not listed in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission’s online database, which is the primary way the public learns about these payments.

That’s because a key document, known as a settlement contract, never was assigned a case number, and the actual case file is lost, commission spokeswoman Sue Piha said. She said she does not know why the contract wasn’t filed or what happened to the case file, which would contain medical reports, and suggested that a backlog of unfiled cases could be responsible…”


Boy, the deeper the news media digs into this scandal, the worst it gets! One wishes that the media pursued every story so avidly! Workman’s Comp Arbitrators awarding each other compensation claims via paperwork filed by mail! Arbitrators then approving prison guard claims for same or similar type of injuries! Case paperwork apparently lost or misfiled!

The IL Workman’s Compensation Commission is in serious trouble and disarray. Will the agency survive the scandal?

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