More convictions dismissed due to police-corruption probe | Tulsa World

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By OMER GILLHAM World Staff Writer

Grand jury investigates police corruption: Read all of the stories, view a timeline and read key documents.

View the Grand Jury results.

Judges threw out felony convictions Thursday for two men while denying post-conviction relief to a third as part of the legal fallout of a police corruption probe in Tulsa.

Thus far, 31 individuals have been freed from prison, had felony cases dismissed, had sentences reduced or have been granted new trials due to a federal investigation of police misconduct, a Tulsa World investigation shows.

The names of eight current and former police officers and one former federal agent have surfaced in the federal probe.

The list includes five former and current police officers who were indicted July 20 on allegations of civil rights violations and various crimes, records show.

Additionally, a former Tulsa police officer and a former federal agent have pleaded guilty in the corruption probe and are cooperating with U.S. Attorney Jane W. Duke, a special prosecutor from eastern Arkansas.

Two more former police officers have admitted stealing drug money and have prosecutorial immunity while they cooperate with Duke’s


The felony drug convictions of Shiron Davis, 24, and Edward D. White, 32, were vacated in separate hearings Thursday in Tulsa County District Court.

In a third hearing, Charles T. Frazier II, 40, was denied his request for freedom.

District Judge Kurt Glassco presided over two of the hearings, commenting on the effect the corruption probe is having on the courthouse atmosphere.

“There is an elephant in the living room, and we all know it,” Glassco said. “In my 32 years of practicing law, I have never seen anything like it.”

via More convictions dismissed due to police-corruption probe | Tulsa World.

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