End of January & No Movement at IDOC

Posted: January 27, 2011 by parchangelo in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins

The end of January 2011 is upon us and nothing has materialized to support the hopes of those inmates told by IDOC Staff to expect the quick reinstatement of MGT. The IL General Assembly does not return to session until February, but there has been no indication yet that it intends to take any action soon with respect to IDOC issues, including MGT.

The legislators are still tied up with unresolved budget conflicts and the IL Appellate Court isn’t helping any by undoing by it’s rulings even the past laws Quinn got to help out the state budget. The legislature also moved to challenge the employment and legal status of 38 unconfirmed appointees of Governor Quinn’s; including five heading up major state agencies. Naturally, Gladyse Taylor, Quinn’s temporary appointee as IL Director of Corrections (IDOC) is one of those five individuals. The legislature wanted to stop paying her and the others their salaries….

Fortunately for IDOC, and Taylor, Attorney General Lisa Madigan just issued an opinion today to State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, indicating that they should continue to be paid salaries since their nominations each carry “over into the new biennial Senate” as long as 60 days haven’t passed. Quinn is happy that Madigan is supporting his appointees, since he doesn’t need to be fighting that political battle too at this point! There apparently isn’t a particular reason why these appointees weren’t approved before this, but Quinn is still saying that he intends shortly to make final decisions on who is running his agencies, and they should all get appointment hearings quickly anyhow.  See article here from Quad Cities Dispatch online: Attorney general: pay Quinn’s appointees.

  1. fedup says:

    I have tried to contact the governor’s office and legislative offices… I have gotten nowhere. All point to the last released report on MGT and then hold up their hands.
    I contacted a woman in the Freedom of Information Act, since Pat Quinn is all about transparency, but he still won’t speak on the matter. I have yet to hear from them, but I did get a call immediatley to “clarify” what information I wanted.

    Here’s the link below, please help. How they can claim transparency and yet not give any inclination on their feelings of MGT or even the death penalty is astounding. Of course in a year his office will say… well if you wanted to know… all you needed to do was ask…

    please repost to IPT if possible, I have the hardest time getting on there.


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