Officers charged in federal court in Chicago – Chicago Sun-Times

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† Former Chicago police officer Glenn Lewellen was charged with participating in a drug ring. His case is pending.

† Chicago police officer Victor Brown was charged with lying to federal agents about accepting bribes from officers to fix Police Board cases. His case is pending.


† Former Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge was charged with lying about whether he tortured suspects and was sentenced Friday to 41/2 years in prison.

† Chicago police officer Sean Ryan was charged with selling firearms to criminals and sentenced to four years’ probation.

† Fifteen law enforcement officers — Ayhetoro Taylor, Raphael Manuel, Jermaine Bell, Timothy Funches, Antwon Funches, Diallo Mingo, Daniel Lee, Julius Scott Jr., Richard Hall Jr. and Robert Kelly Jr. of the Cook County sheriff’s office; Archie Stallworth, Dwayne Williams, James Engram and Antoine Dudley of the Harvey Police Department; and Kyle Wilson of the Chicago Police Department — were charged in a drug conspiracy.

Antwon Funches was sentenced to three years in prison; Lee, two years; Hall, two years; Kelly, a year and a half; and Stallworth, 12 years. Their co-defendants’ cases are pending.

† Chicago police officer William Cozzi was charged with a civil-rights violation for beating a man shackled to a wheelchair. He was sentenced to 40 months in prison.

† Chicago police officers Michael Ciancio, Scott Campbell and Joseph Grillo were charged in a towing scam. Ciancio was sentenced to two years in prison; Campbell, one year of probation; and Grillo, two years’ probation.

† East Chicago, Ind., police officer Xavier Herrera was charged with drug and weapon violations and sentenced to five years in prison.

† U.S. Homeland Security deportation officer Thomas Randell was charged with accepting bribes and sentenced to three months in prison.

† Chicago police officer Deborah Ahmed-Bey was charged with bankruptcy fraud and sentenced to three years in prison and $132,000 in restitution.

† Cook County Sheriff’s police officer Rodney Quinn was charged with computer fraud and sentenced to two years’ probation.

via Officers charged in federal court in Chicago – Chicago Sun-Times.

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