No action in January expected

Posted: January 3, 2011 by mikethemouth in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins

Rumors still persist within IDOC that the MGT suspension will be lifted this month. We remind readers that the argument that IL prisons are overcrowded, that the IL budget is overdrawn, and that the ratio of correctional officers to prisoners is dangerously out-of-proportion, and that something has to be done; those are all true. but there is no indication from Springfield or the Governor’s office that any action is imminent. State legislators end a short 2010 session before beginning the new 2011 assembly, but there is no MGT relevant IDOC legislation pending to be discussed this month.

Just because a new year is passing lingering problems with Illinois prisons will not go away with the mere passing of an arbitrary date. We have no new reports of pending legislation, judicial action or governmental resolve. Readers should note this recent post, “Why Hoping MGT Will Return In January “Won’t Make It So“, and instead, vent some frustration and act by signing the petition, calling your  Springfield legislators, or taking some peaceful action, etc. The important thing is: MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD!

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