Remember: Just Because a New Year Cometh…

Posted: December 27, 2010 by mikethemouth in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins, Local Issues

With the inauguration of Govenor Quinn approaching on January 10, 2011, rumors are swirling around Illinois prisons that his first official act as governor will be to lift the MGT suspension. The argument that IL prisons are overcrowded, that the IL budget is overdrawn, and that the ratio of correctional officers to prisoners is dangerously out-of-proportion, and that something has to be done; those are all true. but there is no indication from Springfield or the Governor’s office that any action is imminent.

Just because a new year is passing lingering problems with Illinois prisons will not go away with the mere passing of an arbitrary date. We have no new reports of pending legislation, judicial action or governmental resolve. Readers should note this recent post, “Why Hoping MGT Will Return In January “Won’t Make It So“, and instead, vent some frustration and act by signing the petition, calling your  Springfield legislators, or taking some peaceful action, etc. The important thing is: MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD!

  1. prisonrightsadvocate says:

    here are the places i went to write our legislators, the links did not work for me.

    I included the demands of the Georgia prisoners as well as my request for MGT because these are issues, besides the wages, that are relevant to IDOC… I hope everyone will make an effort to contact our legislators as Quinn will not respond to any requests for reform in IL prisons currently.


    • parchangelo says:


      Thank you very much for sharing the legislative links to contact your legislator. We have now posted these links on contacting state legislatores on the right side of our blog! I did try out one and it successfully sent my plain message on, so perhaps they were just not working over the holidays?


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