Books on tape and behind bars – CNN

Posted: December 25, 2010 by scaryhouse in IDOC, Uncategorized

To the special-education students at a Frontera high school, Tracy Morales is a voice offering access to whole new worlds.

Her taped book readings, played in class, have made the adventures of a frontier dog come alive in “White Fang.” Students have learned about the horror of a boot at the door, of a short life spent in hiding, from Morales’ rendition of “The Diary of Anne Frank.”

Morales, whose readings are offered to the visually impaired as well as special-education students, has no training in acting, broadcasting or teaching.

She does have a number.

A convicted drug smuggler, Morales is serving time at the women’s prison in Frontera. She reads the books as part of Voices from Within, a prison program in which inmates spend their “free” time reading for audio books. Morales and 20 other female inmates, some serving life sentences for murder, are participants.

The inmates have logged more than 3,000 hours in make-shift recording booths creating nearly 140 books on tape. They have ranged from children’s stories to textbooks.

via Books on tape and behind bars – CNN.

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