Quinn & Randle deserve some credit here

Posted: November 27, 2010 by parchangelo in Uncategorized

Tamms revisited

“…Given the department’s many problems since then — severe overcrowding, a botched early-release program and staff turnover that included Randle’s pre-election resignation — it’s nothing short of amazing how much progress has been made at Tamms…”

“…Those reforms have led to a sharp decline in Tamms’ population, to 206 from 265 at the start of the year. With a capacity of 500, Tamms has plenty of room, and it’s fully staffed, unlike other Illinois prisons. Manageable numbers and a knowledgeable workforce have led to fewer assaults and disciplinary actions…”

It’s ‘give back’ time

Locally grown foods and criminal sentences

Hey, this is a good idea for alternative sentencing options…

“…What we soon discovered, though, was that there were limits — rational limits — to our anger toward those who had victimized us. When we asked each other whether we wanted these people sent to jail or perhaps even prison if they were caught and convicted, the answer, to our surprise, was no. We wanted something more…”

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