One State Worker who SHOULD Be Fired!

Posted: November 11, 2010 by freerichardwanke in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins

Roger Walker Jr. already had the top spot as Director at the IL Department of Corrections when Pat Quinn came in as Governor. Quinn replaced Walker at IDOC when state legislators called on him to replace many Blagojevich appointees. At the time, as this Herald-Review article shows:

Roger Walker reflects on tenure as Department of Corrections director

Quinn sounded appreciative of Walker’s work record at IDOC, and Quinn gave him a position at the IL Prisoner Review Board. Yet, the Chicago Tribune is now reporting here,

Prisoner Review Board member on sick leave for 17 months

that Quinn has been aware for some time that Walker is apparently physically unable to perform the duties of his job at the Prisoner Review Board and has just shown up for work for 1 1/2 days during the year plus time he has had the $85,886 job, and Quinn has not fired him! It sounds to us like a little more than appreciation is going on here! This is again Quinn, in our opinion, doing something stupid; keeping someone on the public payroll for all the wrong reasons.

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