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Posted: October 25, 2010 by lactoselazy in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins

Less than 10 days left till the November 2, 2010 vote. The early voting results are not positive for Democrats in IL, because the big swell of Democratic voters who supported Obama seem to have vanished (see article below).

Early voting numbers scare Democrats

Republican campaign contributors are pushing hard and coming up with plenty of money and vicious attacks against Quinn and Democratic candidates. Even as Republicans tout a change from “politics as usual”, they are exploiting every loophole in an attempt to buy the elections as the following article shows regarding money to Bill Brady’s coffers:

Brady cash flood make mockery of disclosure laws

Brady has won a number of half-hearted endorsements from the media who repeat the mantra that they endorse him but really see little to endorse in either candidate, Brady or Quinn for Governor. They say that Quinn may be a good guy, but he’s ineffectual, yet the most recent information to come out about Brady hardly shows him to be doer:

Voting history offers little insight on Brady

Brady’s record is long on talk, short on action

“…He’s not one of those members (of the General Assembly) who throws his name on every bill that goes by,” said Schuh, explaining why Brady has a low legislative profile. “And he’s a conservative. Changing the law is not his first response to things. He believes less government is more. He’s devoted much of his time working to block tax increases and to focus on big-picture issues like accountability and transparency” in government…”

Yeah, Brady is a conservative, so that means he doesn’t come up with solutions. Instead, he is a “critic”, and as we all know, it is far easier to be a critic and tear something down rather than be positive and advance solutions.

The biggest issue defining IL politics is the budget, but by all calculations, Quinn has been more upfront with the public from the start on what needs to be done in order to tackle the problem.

Budget plans short on specifics

The above ads give some idea of the viciousness and exaggerations of the Quinn-Brady political campaigns. The sad truth is that both sides know that the public can be scared into believing just about anything about their opponent because the public will not do the research to determine the facts.

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