Another Conservative GOP Attempt to Manipulate Public

Posted: October 25, 2010 by tennesseetree in IDOC

Bill Brady and IL GOP are mounting a campaign to defeat their electoral opponents in this election by deluding the public into believing that their opponents are soft on “crime” and “criminals”. During the past year, this campaign effectively stagnated Pat Quinn’s attempts to reform the IL Department of Corrections, and is now unjustly targeting the retention election of a IL Supreme Court judge.

Pat Quinn had some responsibility for the IDOC “Early Release” fiasco in which a few released IDOC inmates quickly committed additional crimes. By his record and actions, Thomas Kilbride doesn’t seem to merit hounding on this issue, but he just happens to be the newly elected Chief Justice of the IL Supreme Court. While judicial retention elections have never faced much contention, Justice Kilbride is vulnerable because he requires approval from 60% of the voters, and defeating him may affect the balance of power on the IL Supreme Court for years.

Election 2010: Kilbride supporters decry detractors

“…JUSTPAC has distorted the record and rulings of Justice Kilbride by characterizing him as allegedly soft on crime and criminals,” the bar association said…”

Attack ads target Illinois Supreme Court justice

Actors portraying the state’s nastiest criminals ‘explain’ how Thomas Kilbride sided with them over their victims

Using convicted individuals in a commercial and attributing specific words to them which may hardly reflect the truth or their own version of events is questionable and who knows if it is even legal!

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