GOP’s Attack on Quinn’s Early Release Ad is MORE Deceptive than Quinn’s Ad!

Posted: October 18, 2010 by freerichardwanke in IDOC, IL in Fiscal Ruins

The GOP is claiming that Quinn’s Ad saying the all IDOC “Early Release” is stopped is deceptive because some IDOC inmates are still being released “early”.

GOP: Quinn misleading public on early release

…Quinn halted a program called “MGT Push” that granted time off more quickly and improperly included some violent offenders. But he continued the long-time policy of giving inmates time off as an incentive for good behavior behind bars…”

The GOP is trying to attack Quinn again about “early release”, like a broken record. The GOP hopes voters will ignore it’s critics which point out that factually, no one was released early during Quinn’s attempts to save the state money. The GOP refuses to address the issue that so far, Quinn’s administration is the only political body which has been even attempting to try to save the state money. The GOP fails to address the question why it’s members have failed to seize the initiative on their own and take any steps to save the state money.

Note the words “long-time policy” in the above Pantagraph article.  One of our long-time readers got riled up when he read this article and responded online to it. We have his permission to print his response, as follows:

freeusfromnutpoliticians said on: October 17, 2010, 9:39 pm
“Let’s see…Quinn starts an IDOC program called MGT PUSH to release felons “early” to save the state money for housing them. Quinn suspends the MGT Push program in 12/09 after media outcry. He also suspends all awarding of general MGT to inmates (which can allow them up to 6 mos off early). Both programs remain suspended even now despite clamoring from inmates and their families who do not understand why all inmates (non-violent as well as violent offenders) should be penalized by loss of MGT which every administration was awarding inmates up to 12/09. Now GOP (whose attacks on Quinn are all politically motivated, claims Quinn is deceptive in his ads because under his administration, some inmates are still being released early, and the ads say there is no “early release”.
Give us a break. This is the kind of hair-splitting political attack of the worst nature, and one that is certainly deceptive. We should all vote against every GOP candidate that endorsed this attack.
Since in office, Quinn has not stopped IDOC from issuing inmates day-for-day credit for time served. This day-for-day credit has been part of the law for decades, and no administration has stopped issuing this credit (which does shorten inmate sentences and ends up releasing inmates “early”) because IT WOULD BE UNLAWFUL FOR ANY ADMINISTRATION TO DO SO as long as it remains part of the law!!!!! No GOP or DEM administration can stop this, so Quinn never affected this IDOC policy. What Quinn did affect was MGT which IS A DISCRETIONARY IDOC program, so Quinn could do as he liked with it.
So, no, Quinn’s ads are not deceptive. He did put an end to the ambitious Early Release program he initiated. And he should not have to mention the day-for-day credit program since it exists now as it always has and was never termed an “early release” program.
Every GOP candidate should be slapped at the polls for permitting so unfair, sneaky, and deceptive an attack as this latest one is.”


We would also add that this attack on Quinn should also SHAME and EMBARRASS every GOP candidate!

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